Not all leads are created equal. We focus on lead quality, as well as volume.

Not all leads are created equal. We focus on lead quality as well as volume. Our lead generation programs are customized based on client needs, but typically encompass a combination of paid search, social marketing, email marketing, and traditional banner buys. We work hard to identify affordable but targeted keywords and placements that will convert to highly qualified leads.

On the back end, we create landing pages and microsites that are built with your audience in mind. We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge conversion and tracking tactics that will help us both measure and optimize a campaign.

“A boy’s best friends are his leads.”
- Psycho

Our Focus

For most lead generation programs our focus is on reducing cost-per-lead, maximizing lead quality, and increasing lead volume. We work hand in hand with our clients to implement programs that are successful as well as flexible and capable of readjusting on the fly. It’s your pipeline and Digital Impulse helps keep it full through intelligent, ROI-focused lead generation programs.

Lead Generation Program Benefits
  • Expertise in both B2B and B2C lead generation
  • Both marketing & web development under one roof for maximum results
  • Full analytics analysis and daily campaign optimization

Client Experience

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