Alps & Meters

Alps & Meters is a premium alpine sportswear brand that designs Forged Performance outerwear that is tailored, technical, and timeless.

Alps and Meters creates sportswear focused on giving the customer a product unprecedented and unrivaled when it comes to outdoor protection. To support their product launch in 2014, Alps and Meters turned to Digital Impulse to help them craft and implement a website strategy, starting with a new ecommerce site.

We chose the Shopify platform for its easy setup, simple maintenance, and low cost so that our client could concentrate on selling product as soon as possible, without dealing with an overcomplicated ecommerce system.

Together, we created a design that was representative of the Alps and Meters brand; simple, yet descriptive. Rich in information, yet usable and intuitive. Our goal was to encompass a layout that allowed the user to easily identify with the brand, understand the benefits, and easily navigate the path towards purchase. All of this was built on the Shopify platform so the client could easily control their shop.

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Because the Alps and Meters consumer base is highly mobile, it was also our goal to create a responsive site that allowed for a seamless e-commerce experience on smart phones and tablets alike.