Bell's Seasoning and Foods Case Study

Bell's Seasonings & Foods

What we've done:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • 150th Anniversary Logo Design
  • Wordpress CMS Integration
  • Custom Programing
  • Marketing Consulting

This isn't your grandma's seasoning. Or is it? Bell's products have been gracing the dinner table of families in New England for generations, from their famous boxed salt-free seasoning to their New England Cranberry Stuffing. Bell's has a rich history dating back to 1867, but they came to DI looking to modernize the brand and launch their social presence.

Bell's Seasonings & Foods Website

Bell's wanted to take advantage of 2017 being their 150th year in the kitchen, so we created an updated logo that celebrated the occasion without disrupting the classic Bell's logo and created a beautiful, vibrate website for the brand. The project was designed, developed, tested and launched in 60 days.

Launch Site »
responsive design

A Vibrant Bell's Experience Made For All Devices

As with all of our builds, we designed the new site experience feel great over multiple device types and screen resolutions. Whether you are looking for product information or delicious recipes using Bell's products, we want users to always be able to access key information as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our team also partnered with the client to create sharable content on site that can easily be shared via social channels. Most importantly, our teams were able to collaborate in order to build a unique, energetic site while keeping within the strict 60 day project turnaround.

Marketing Consulting

DI continues to work with Bell's, helping them concept and manage digital marketing campaigns focused on promoting the brand, collecting user generated content and promoting new products via social channels and email marketing.