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Meet Blink, the one-of-a-kind, battery-powered video home security and monitoring system that’s simple to set up and equally perfect for renters or homeowners.

What started as a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is now rapidly becoming a household name. Blink is a truly wireless video home monitoring system that will run for two years on 2 AA batteries. And there’s no monthly subscription fee. Once its set up, motion activates the recording and an alert is sent to your smartphone or tablet. You can also switch to Live View mode to check in on things when no motion has been detected.

Digital Impulse partnered with Blink as the brand was coming off a great showing at CES. At the show crowds rushed to get their hands on a Blink. They were recognized as 2016 Innovation Award Honoree. The brand had great press, a great story to tell and a lot of excited early adopters. Now what?


Simple. Engage with Blink owners to grab some really fun, compelling footage. Leverage it all in a cohesive digital marketing plan that delivers transactions, grows highly segmented email lists, and leaves a lasting impression on users. Oh, and integrate a site design with an eCommerce solution that makes buying a Blink a snap.

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Web Design and Development

Blink was originally a Kickstarter company. Initially, they rolled out a website and ecommerce solution created specifically for pre-sales. But once the units were available to everyone, this solution proved to be unnecessarily cumbersome. Digital Impulse worked with the Blink team to architect, design and integrate a custom Shopify solution that made management, as well as the path to purchase, much easier. Sales increased as a result.

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PAN mobile web design

Email Marketing

Segmented email lists grew rapidly as a product of the strategic social media campaigns. Customized email campaigns with messaging tailored for specific customer segments were sent. Open rates were sky high. So were click through rates and sales.

PAN mobile web design

Search Engine Marketing

Blink had a great story to tell, especially when compared to other home monitoring solutions. Their price point was a bit lower, and they don’t charge a monthly fee to save recorded footage. Because the units run on batteries, they really are wireless and can be placed anywhere. So when users were searching for home monitoring solutions, the ads Digital Impulse created really stood out, earned clicks and drove sales.

Blink Social Management

Social Media

For a smart brand like Blink, social media is a no brainer. Digital Impulse ran strategic sweepstakes and promotions, advertising them to highly targeted audiences. This strategy allowed us to begin building email lists ripe for custom messaging. These tactics also helped to aggregate user generated content that brought humor to the otherwise serious subject of home security. Pets. Children. Content that users connected with.