During our partnership with ConRes, we've touched many different aspects of digital, including microsite campaigns, paid and organic search, email marketing and much more.

For over 50 years, businesses as well as higher education and government organizations have relied on Continental Resources (ConRes) for high-technology products, services and support—from complete IT infrastructure and data center solutions, to test instrument sales and rentals, to building OEM/embedded computing devices.

ConRes Microsite
"ConRes has been the source for high-technology solutions for over 50 years"

ConRes came to Digital Impulse with an overarching need: leads. Together, we crafted a plan that encompassed many different strategies to achieve quality lead generation standards and used this across a variety of product lines and offerings.

ConRes microsite


The world's best paid search campaign is all for naught without the ability to capture and convert traffic into leads. With ConRes, we built air-tight microsites focused on quickly informing and converting traffic into qualified leads. Each microsite is continuously optimized on an ongoing basis to respond to changing user behavior and to support new products and services.

PPC Management

It takes two to tango, and our paid search management strategy has been the yin to the microsite's yang. Our focus was on identifying specific keywords that were providing valuable and qualified traffic and building a campaign around them. The campaign never sleeps; our most successful PPC strategies and optimizations have come after months of testing, learning and readjusting.

Software Secure email marketing design

Email Marketing

Because ConRes has such deep reach when it comes to high-technology solutions, they looked to Digital Impulse to support them with a variety of different email marketing campaigns. From promotions to events to whitepaper registrations and everything in between, we have supported ConRes in all their email marketing efforts by crafting the right strategy and building the right solutions to make sure their message was received.

Software Secure banners

ConRes Banner Campaigns

Digital Impulse has helped ConRes craft, assemble, and manage numerous display campaigns for a variety of their product lines, including NetApp, HP and Oracle. Whether it be simple remarketing campaigns or a more targeted strategy, we’ve helped build campaigns and creative assets to expose the brand and drive new business.

conres twitter

Social Marketing

In a social marketing world where everyone has a voice, it was important for ConRes to stand out amongst the crowd and offer valuable and meaningful content through social channels. We worked diligently with ConRes to craft content that was shareable and desirable for their audience, and set up a strategic plan to ensure it was being seen and distributed by the right types of social thought leaders and personalities.