GI Dynamics, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer and the developer of EndoBarrier®, the first endoscopically-delivered device therapy designed to mimic the mechanisms of metabolic surgery - without altering the anatomy. 

What we've done:

Through its patented EndoBarrier® Therapy, GI Dynamics addresses the growing diabetes and obesity patient populations, which have reached epidemic proportions and represent two of the largest healthcare markets globally.

GI Dynamicswebpage design

Digital Impulse was hired by GI Dynamics to create a web experience to support and promote the EndoBarrier device. Collectively, we help design a site that focused on demystifying the product itself as well as clearly establishing who the product was for through relevant imagery and carefully concocted content.

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GI Dynamics webpage redesign

GI Dynamics Website Design

Additionally, it we had to create an experience that catered to both physicians and patients alike. This forced us to create a dual experience for each user type but maintain it in just one web platform.

GI Dynamicswebpage header

Because the EndoBarrier device is global, we also built a multi-language component into the site where users could easily select the language of preference and engage with the content without moving into a different site or experience.

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