Motorola Portfolio

Motorola is a leading producer of cutting edge technology that has been bringing the highest quality cable modems to the US market for over 20 years.

What we've done:

Digital Impulse was tasked with boosting online sales of their best-in-class MG7550 Cable Modem. Through Google Display Network advertisements, social media ad buys, and targeted landing pages, we funneled sales through the Amazon Associate Program and tracked traffic and purchases, creating an efficient online sales strategy.

Motorola Landing Pages

Display Banners, Two Ways

We implemented a display banner campaign across the Google Display Network, with two separate click-through destinations. To target the largest possible relevant audience, we focused on all areas of the country where Comcast service is available and leveraged websites related to nearly 100 keywords relevant to the campaign.

We then created ads specific to our audience, and through these ads directed traffic to two different locations. Some of the traffic was funneled directly through to the product page on Amazon, while some was directed to one of two landing pages that subsequently linked out to the Amazon purchase page.

The first landing page presents data to back up the claim that the MG7500 has the fastest Wi-Fi capabilities on the market, with clear graphics and strong customer testimonials.

The second landing page features a branded content piece that tells a story and speaks directly to consumers who are already paying a monthly modem rental charge through their cable company.

Digital Impulse tracked activity across these pages and compared the click-through rates on the 'Buy Now' buttons to the actual modems bought through Amazon's Associate Program to determine the efficacy of each page and hone our strategy. The result was over 17,000 users directed to the Amazon purchase page.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook Comcast Campaign

Digital Impulse also executed a Facebook advertising campaign to target users who likely already had Comcast service and were thus paying a monthly charge for modem rental. We targeted users throughout the country who lived within a 25 mile radius of Comcast availability, and then narrowed the campaign to target those who had shown previous interest in Comcast. This left us with a very targeted group of users who were likely to purchase.

We then served ads that directed users to the branded content landing page, which directly discusses Comcast's monthly charges and the potential savings provided by the MG7550, as well as the increased internet speeds. This campaign drove over 1,300 clicks to the Amazon product page from Facebook.