The perfect blend of design and digital marketing services from DI has helped Software Secure become the industry standard in secure online testing software.

Software Secure is a recognized leader in Cloud-based (SaaS) online testing and provides convenient, scalable and cost-effective solutions that protect exam integrity for higher education, K-12 and certification organizations. The unique site was built specifically to connect with executives in online education and corporate training programs. Conversions are measured by whitepaper downloads, pricing quotes, and live demo requests.

Software Secure webpage redesign

We manage a variety of digital programs that are focused on generating targeted clicks that convert into leads. We leverage paid search to route top performing keywords to landing pages that convert. This campaign rotates a variety of ads and conversion funnels, focused on whitepapers, product price quotes and free consultations.

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"Software Secure is revolutionizing the way that people take tests online"

Over the past few years, Software Secure has been a true partner in allowing us to create, deploy, manage and optimize a variety of campaigns all in an effort to generate brand visibility and high quality leads.

Software Secure webpage redesign

Software Secure Website Redesign

We worked with Software Secure to concept, design, build, and launch a new web presence for all their service and product offerings. The goal of the site design was both informational and lead generation-based. As the online education market continues to grow rapidly, we wanted to provide end-users with relevant information they need and steer them towards converting through white paper downloads, pricing requests, and other calls-to-actions.

SEO Management

SEO Management

Organic search is increasingly becoming the mainstay for lead generation for B2B niche industry offerings. Digital Impulse analyzed all on-page and off-page elements of the Software Secure website, to identify areas for improvement. The analysis covered everything from tagging structure to site errors, and was the basis for our ongoing strategy.

Software Secure webpage redesign

PPC Management

After a full audit of all of Software Secure’s digital assets, we determined that the brand was missing opportunities by not engaging in an active PPC campaign. Together we worked to implement a campaign focused on specific product names as well as more general industry terms, all in an effort to drive and convert paid search traffic into clients. The campaign never gets stale, we work with Software Secure to continuously optimize and improve our strategy.

Software Secure webpage redesign

Landing Pages

The yin to the PPC campaign's yang: together, we worked to create landing pages that were designed to quickly create relevancy, inform the user, and convert at as high of a rate as possible. Much like the PPC campaign, the landing page never sleeps; over time, we have adjusted and optimized the pages to support new products, initiatives, and conversion strategies.

Software Secure webpage redesign


To help support stand-alone campaigns, Digital Impulse worked with Software Secure to build and manage microsites with specific and targeted messaging. Most recently, we helped create the Trusted Seal microsite, which positions Software Secure as a trusted and independent resource when it comes to test-taking and educational integrity through exclusive partnerships with not-for-profit organizations.

Wordpress Integration

During our site redesign, we worked with Software Secure to assess and choose a new content management system to fulfill their needs. WordPress was the winner, and together we created a custom environment for all their marketing and technology stakeholders to be able to update and manage content in variety of different ways.

Software Secure banners

Software Secure Banner Ads

Software Secure has performed a number of targeted online display campaigns focused on brand awareness and event promotion. To support this effort, we created banners and messaging and managed campaigns through a variety of networks and online publishing forums.

Software Secure email marketing design

Email Marketing

Digital Impulse has been a trusted resource for Software Secure when it comes to designing, managing and optimizing email marketing campaigns. Every campaign comes with a distinct goal; whether it be event promotions, whitepaper downloads or demo registration, we work with Software Secure to understand their goals and design creative assets and campaign strategies to accomplish them.

digital marketing CRM

Salesforce CRM Integration

To ensure quality lead tracking and sourcing, we worked with Software Secure on the integration of the Salesforce CRM functionality. This integration allowed us to track our paid search (and other marketing programs) from click to closed business. This allows Software Secure to improve their sales and marketing efforts on an ongoing basis.