Meet the DI Team: Matt Rich, Chief Experience Officer

This series features the awesome people who keep the heart of Digital Impulse beating strong. 

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Meet Matt Rich: our engaging and industrious Chief Experience Officer here at Digital Impulse.

Matt is our X factor. He is what makes Digital Impulse Digital Impulse. As his title suggests, he is the architect behind the DI experience, both internally and externally. 

Internally, he makes sure that our office is running smoothly and our employees feel happy and supported. Most of our team works remotely at least part of the time, but Matt and his awesome dog Jax (our Supervisor of Morale) are in the office every day holding down the fort. This kind of stewardship is what makes our agency’s headquarters such a welcoming place and inspires our team members to emulate his level of commitment.

Externally, Matt brings in and guides our clients through their journey with the agency. He works with them to figure out what they need and how we can offer them the best solutions to their digital marketing problems. 

Every day, Matt’s on the phone with current and potential clients exploring all of the ways that DI can help them. 

We’re lucky to have him and we hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better.

Digital Impulse: Matt, what led you to a career in marketing?

Matt Rich: I was always a big fan of advertising and commercial art. So much so that I majored in art when I was an undergrad. After a few different jobs and internships, I realized that I was much more excited to learn about how businesses evolve over time. I’m especially interested in how they tell stories, and how they use those stories to make money. I was into marketing from there on out.

DI: How has your experience at Digital Impulse been so far?

Great! But it’s 100% different than what I expected it would be. Working to build something meaningful is exciting and stressful and frustrating and massively rewarding all at the same time. I’m incredibly lucky to have this opportunity. I’m incredibly proud to see what Digital Impulse has become. And I’m psyched to see where we can take it next.

DI: What project, accomplishment, or event at DI are you most proud of?

There are many. One that stands out is the work we did for Global Atlantic. The work came from a partnership we built over time, from the ground up.. That partnership gave us the opportunity to do some very cool, very meaningful work. We did that project a while back and I’m still excited to show it off.

DI: Where do you find inspiration?

Family and friends are important. But seeing someone at DI work really really hard and dedicate themselves to delivering on a project or making the company better is probably the most inspiring thing for me.

DI: What do you do for fun?

I watch the Bruins and Michigan football. I play golf poorly. And I hang out with my wife.

DI: What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in marketing?

Have an open mind. Marketing is a huge world. Make sure you check out every aspect of it to find the things that really excite you. And make sure you can work hard for the sake of working hard. The lessons you learn and the impressions you make going above and beyond are priceless.

DI: What’s next for Matt Rich in 2022?

I am going to be a dad.

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