Our people.

Andrew Kolidas

Chief Executive Officer

Chapin Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Rich

Chief Experience Officer

Peter Modest

Chief Technology Officer

Lauren Allen

Director of Client Services

Travis Pease

Design Director

Paul Vakalis

Senior Technical Lead

Noah Burkholz

Director of Marketing Technology

Roland Davin

Director of Marketing Services

Ben Yellin

Senior Integration Architect

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Jon Langberg

Senior Web Designer

Meg Hess

Senior Account Manager

Sarah Dellea

Senior Social Media Manager

Demetra Crotty

Senior Account Manager

Bethany Powers

Senior Account Manager

Conor Snell

Senior Digital Content Manager

John Hren

Senior Project Manager

Ashkan Salehi


Caleb Parker

Content Specialist

Finley Chen

Full Stack Web Developer

Alicia Chan

Marketing Analyst

Rebecca Schnopp

Account Manager

Mary Fonvielle

Digital Campaign Strategist

Alison Love

Administrative Specialist

Nicole Ciprich

Email Marketing Manager

Alexa Brewster

Account Manager

Storm Rockwell

Senior Full Stack Developer

Tanya Ferrell

Paid Search Strategist

Taylor Haines

Account Associate


Good Vibes Manager