It’s (not) complicated: minimizing cancer treatment side effects

From International Product Launches to Acquisition

The client.

Augmenix is a Boston-based company focused on improving outcomes of cancer treatment through the use of innovative hydrogels. The company’s flagship product, SpaceOAR® Hydrogel temporarily moves healthy organ tissues away from the high intensity radiation zone for men being treated for prostate cancer, reducing complications and side effects of treatment. A testament to the company’s groundbreaking innovation, in late 2018 Augmenix was acquired by Boston Scientific.

The challenge.

Marketing medical technologies and treatments in a crowded space is hard. But when the product is truly revolutionary, awareness starts at zero. Launching its groundbreaking SpaceOAR® Hydrogel, Augmenix came to Digital Impulse looking for an online marketing strategy that would amplify product awareness and maximize qualified leads.

Creating an International Web Presence

For a game-changing product like Augmenix’s SpaceOAR® Hydrogel, Digital Impulse built a digital marketing strategy from the ground up. Prioritizing based on immediate, bottom-line impact, we developed a custom homepage for the SpaceOAR® site, focused on segmenting users into their target markets and optimizing the lead funnel. Seeing leads come in at a higher rate, the business case for expansion became clear. We continued to strategically optimize key sections of the website, and ultimately duplicated the site multiple times, creating localized versions for the UK and Japan, as SpaceOAR® expanded globally.

"Our job goes beyond making money for our client - it is about helping men reach a better quality of life."

Meg Hess

Account Director

Patient, meet doctor. Augmenix, meet opportunity.

To raise product awareness and connect qualified patients with doctors offering Augmenix treatments, Digital Impulse developed a fully customized, interactive doctor locator tool from the ground up. Patients can easily search for participating doctors, and providers are incentivized with additional visibility for their practices. We also built in customized tracking and analytics, so the doctor locator tool gives Augmenix a best-in-class lead generation tool.


How to create a market.

The fundamental challenge with marketing a breakthrough product like SpaceOAR® is that we’re charged with creating the market and generating demand at the same time. To accomplish both, Digital Impulse created conversion-optimized lead magnets, powered by a steady stream of paid search and social media advertising to raise awareness and forge relationships with patients and doctors alike.

To familiarize doctors and patients with a brand-new product, Digital Impulse designed and implemented an automated marketing funnel to nurture leads toward conversion. Leveraging search and social remarketing, as well as personalized email sequences, we delivered highly relevant content to patients and doctors at every stage of the funnel. Our team of strategists, copywriters, designers, and PPC specialists worked closely with the Augmenix team to create content always on brand and on point.

Prescription-strength medical marketing.

Creating a market from scratch with zero room for error, Augmenix needed data to drive its decision-making. To that end, Digital Impulse developed a custom Google Analytics implementation, set up Google Tag Manager, and created intuitive, on-demand visual dashboards to identify user trends, track performance, and optimize channels in real-time.

Never one to turn down a challenge, Digital Impulse designed and implemented an end-to-end blueprint to introduce the product to patients and doctors, leveraging all the elements of the digital toolbox. With custom development, targeted online advertising, marketing automation, and insightful analytics, we didn’t just help Augmenix beat the odds… we connected patients with an innovative treatment to help beat cancer itself.

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