Uncovering human truths. Unveiling a new website.

Driving innovation through insight and a uniquely people-focused approach.

The client.

CMB is a leader in helping brands make smart, creative, and highly informed business decisions. Experts in providing a deeply consultative approach to market strategy, CMB does quality work for huge clients.

Theirs is a team powered by humans—smart humans with personality—who make CMB as approachable as they are talented. By combining this human-focused approach with full-service custom market research and strategy, CMB helps businesses deliver on goals to innovate, grow, and change the game for their industry.

The challenge.

CMB needed an engaging, creative website to match the authority and thought leadership they’d carved out for themselves in their space. They wanted to attract big clients and talented hires while overcoming their biggest challenge: how to showcase their skills when results can be hard to quantify.

The goal: to create a signature aesthetic from the ground up. CMB wanted to put the focus on their people and find a meaningful way to infuse their team’s personality into their digital space without relying on stock imagery. Our designers recommended CMB embrace white space and infuse the site with real team photos, all paired with meaningful and engaging brand messaging.

Great people make great impacts.

One thing we immediately aligned with CMB on was the value in their sophisticated, talented, and very smart group of people. Combining serious skills in market strategy with a playful, quirky twist, it was this personality and voice of CMB as a company that struck us as innovative, engaging, and worth showing off.  

By highlighting their team, diversity, and collective personality, we helped CMB make the best use of their most valuable assets. 

A story built for big clients.

For CMB, it’s not just about attracting clients; it’s about thinking big and making the right connections. By speaking in a personable, approachable, yet sophisticated way that explicitly says what they do, CMB can make sure their website appeals to those most likely to fit best in their portfolio.  

Our content team worked closely with CMB to make sure each user could feel the excitement from the very first headlinefrom a visually engaging hero to personable storytelling and clean design. This sophisticated and personable story doesn’t just speak to their quality as a partner but as a workplace too, a crucial goal for their efforts to bring in new hires. 


“It was fun creating a brand new look and feel for CMB that allowed for their distinct brand voice and personality to shine through.”

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

A modern brand transformation.

Clean, modern design—the perfect complement to CMB’s modern, innovative, and easily-actionable research. By finding the right images and including the right balance of white space and breathing room, our designers helped to elevate and transform the CMB brand that was previously outdated and heavy with stock photos. The result: an inviting, clean design built to reflect CMB’s confidence and clear insights.