Setting the standard in auto-immune patient data.

A website dedicated to advancing patient care.

The client.

Corrona is an industry leader in real-world data collection for auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. The organization prides itself on collecting large, highly-structured data sets and presenting accurate insights that will lead to superior outcomes for patients.

The challenge.

Hamstrung by a website that didn’t fully demonstrate the true value of their data, Corrona partnered with DI in order to redesign and redevelop a new digital experience. The client team looked to us for a well-structured experience that explained to users how valuable data is collected and synthesized – and how ultimately that data can be utilized in order to improve patient care.

Advancing the brand.

Our mission during this redesign was to not only improve overall page-to-page UX, but also to expand upon Corrona’s visual identity. The DI team integrated a “dot mesh” as a unifying brand component, representing how precise data sets connect the different services within the company. This element was incorporated throughout the experience, alongside updated iconography and gradients, providing a visual nod to a data-driven organization.

"Visualizing data with meaningful & engaging design elements pushed branding to the next level."

Joe Gallo


Philosophy First.

Showcasing the shear amount of data sources that Corrona utilizes to drive insights is a near impossible feat, but by visualizing their unique philosophy and approach to data, we were able to simplify a complex offering into an immensely valuable service for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.


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