A design that can stand up to anything.

Redesigning ingenuity.

The client.

From its unassuming office on the outskirts of Boston, NBD Nano sells superpowers. But these folks aren’t in the business of superhuman speed or strength. Instead, they’re focused on superhydrophobic and superoleophobic properties. Still paying attention? In other words, NBD Nano is working to make your favorite products more durable and effective by protecting them from things like water, oil and scratches.

The challenge.

NBD Nano came to Digital Impulse seeking a website redesign that would increase accessibility, improve navigation, and better represent the quality and personality the company is known for. We worked closely with the NBD Nano team to craft a website narrative that concisely communicated the company’s unique product offering while driving users deeper into their information-rich website structure.

An accessible experience.

Digital Impulse assessed how users were engaging with the site, and consulted with the NBD Nano sales team to learn how the site structure was negatively impacting the sales process. Reorganizing content by properties and solutions, we overhauled the site structure to be more user-friendly and easily navigable.

"Complex challenges met their match with our eye-catching solutions. We merged imaginative plans with a site that delivers their message."

Meg Hess

Senior Account Manager

Innovative and relatable.

Before the redesign, the NBD Nano website was where potential sales went to die. That may be a slight exaggeration, but the NBD Nano sales team and Digital Impulse both knew we needed to improve the user experience and tell the story of the brand in a more compelling way. With a nod to the company’s innovative approach, our designers got to work, adding larger expanses of white space to give the site a modern, clean aesthetic. We also intermixed technical and non-technical content to provide better navigational flow and tell a more cohesive product story.


Ultimate flexibility.

What good is a website if you can’t change it yourself? We didn’t want NBD Nano to have to rely on outside developers to make expensive, time-consuming updates to the new website, so we built a customized front-end framework that makes on-the-fly updates easy for anyone. The system uses a collection of modules that can be used throughout the site in any arrangement, which means NBD Nano can spin up new pages on-demand. Powered by WordPress, our CMS implementation makes controlling content practically effortless.

Developing cutting-edge technologies for repelling oil, water, and more, NBD Nano knows innovation. So it only made sense that they came to Digital Impulse, where we designed and developed a brand new website that tells the brand’s story in a pioneering way. Wrapped in a customized CMS for optimal content management, we transformed a previously unworkable website about repellence into something, well, attractive.

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