A Bold and Personable Design for an Independent Insurance Company

Welcoming users to the Andover experience

The client.

The Andover Companies prides itself on being one of the largest and longest-standing mutual insurance groups in the Northeast. Their singular, unwavering commitment is to provide property owners with top-notch home and business insurance solutions that cater precisely to today’s economic and environmental conditions. With a rich history and extensive expertise, The Andover Companies ensures that customers receive the utmost quality coverage and personalized service to safeguard their most valuable assets.

The challenge.

To craft a new website that made users feel welcome and secure but was still unique and exciting. We wanted to display the Andover Companies’ distinct personality and brand characteristics – strong independence, established quality, consistent reliability, and genuine care to name a few – using bold colors, vivid imagery, and helpful navigation.

To us, the smooth, flowing, and interactive web design was as much about enhancing the user experience as it was about conveying who our client was. In other words, what the website was like to use should reflect what the Andover Companies is like to work with.

Paving paths to solutions for any type of property and any budget.

By clearly and immediately separating the user journeys into two routes (business and personal) we help users get on a fast track to discovering the right resources and solutions for them. The different coverages are intuitively labeled and organized into confidently presented menus. Every card is on the table. There’s nothing for users to dig through or parse out, all the information they need is delivered promptly and legibly.


Establishing trust and authority.

Many websites feature an “about us” section. The Andover Companies has a “who we are” section. This small but significant distinction lets users know that the company takes pride in their identity, reputation, and heritage. The company has been around for nearly 200 years and has remained committed to the same vision and the same set of values throughout their storied history. Dedicating a section of the site to promoting our client’s longstanding presence in the insurance industry shows users who they’re dealing with and why they should feel confident and edified working with this firm.

Demonstrating thought leadership through educational content.

The Andover Companies new website also contains a library of educational content for users to explore. Notably, almost all of the blogs are meant purely to inform and are not promotional. They are useful tips for property owners looking to safeguard their assets. Many blog posts contain advice on what to do in certain unforeseen situations or how to ensure that readers’ homes and businesses are protected against the elements. This sort of insightful content demonstrates a deep knowledge of the industry and a genuine care for the well-being of existing policyholders and new visitors alike.

The collaboration between our teams was unparalleled. We took our time to work through the design elements and user interactions and in return we accomplished something astounding.

Lauren Allen

VP of Client Services

Merging tradition with innovation. Leveraging history while embracing modernity.

We wanted this website to look and feel new, not just because it creates an elevated user experience, but also because it shows that this company has its finger on the pulse of what’s current and what’s upcoming. They aren’t just a centuries-old insurance company, they’re a proactive leader in the field. They realize that the world is always changing and it’s important to stay up to date if they’re going to provide actionable and relevant solutions.

We accomplished this by building a site that incorporated highly responsive and sleek design elements. The client also helped us by providing content related to modern insurance concerns such as cyber security, identity theft, systems insurance, and loss of business income insurance, all of which have come to the forefront in recent years.

However, amidst all of this newness, we didn’t want to dilute the fact that Andover is a brand steeped in tradition. Part of what sets them apart is their extensive history and strong pedigree. So, while our team made sure to give the site a modern feel, the overall look retained the class and grace of a longstanding and well-established brand.