Connecting passionate creators with a legendary music educator.

A brand new website to inspire the next generation of musical leaders.

The Benjamin Zander Center, a visionary institution dedicated to inspiring leadership and transformative music education, is led by the legendary conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.

With a mission to amplify the impact of their pioneering programs that bridge the worlds of music and leadership, The Benjamin Zander Center recognized the need for a refreshed website that can inspire and engage a whole new generation of musical leaders.

When the Benjamin Zander Center approached Digital Impulse with a need for a new site, we knew it needed to reflect the depth of the legendary composer’s knowledge and invite users in to see themselves in the future of music.

The result: a fully-refreshed site built with a wealth of videos, online learning opportunities, listening guides, past performances, and more–all unified in an easy-to-navigate site that’s as engaging as it is beautiful.