Making a big impact for a leader in all things miniature.

Launching an innovate website for an industry-leading brand.

The client.

For over 70 years, The Lee Company has been solving some of the world’s most complex fluid control problems with highly precise, reliable, and battle-tested technology and components. ​

Engineers the world over know The Lee Company for the quality of their products, the high level of expertise among their team, and their capabilities for performance when there truly is zero room for error.​

The challenge.

The Lee company tasked us with creating a fully reimagined digital experience, serving customers across multiple industries, in multiple languages, all across the world.

We created a new website to both unify and elevate The Lee Company’s digital brand, all while optimizing the user experience for conversion for users in all their major industries. The result: one of DI’s most complex website projects to date.

Personalized user journeys built for B2B.

The Lee Company serves a wide array of industries, so we implemented personalized user flows throughout the site to optimize the experience for each visitor. 

Personalization begins at the start of the site experience with delivery of a custom homepage for each industry, paired with user interface element that allows users to self-segment by industry, resulting in a highly curated/personalized experience.

Using cookies, the site is able to serve each user only relevant website content like products, resources, and solutions to be tailored to best align with the user’s business needs – helping the user to find what they’re looking for, faster, even when they return to the site later.

Custom product finder tools designed for lead generation.

We created a suite of tools and features to help connect The Lee Company’s busy audience of engineers with exactly the products they need.​

This includes a scalable “browse products” tool to that allows users to display and refine products through a robust filtering system, helping users identify exactly what they need based on the specifics of their project.​

Through this tool, users get a sense of the full breadth of products and solutions The Lee Company has to offer, all while making it easy and intuitive for users to narrow down their search if desired. Plus, it allows for easy CMS management, which is highly beneficial to managing product information internally for the Lee team.

To cap it all off, optimized lead generation forms are integrated into each page, resource, and insight, all integrated into HubSpot to help maximize marketing potential.​


It's all about empowering our clients to take ownership. That's why we created a simple, visual page builder with flexible modules that allows The Lee Company to build and quickly customize pages.

Peter Modest

Chief Technology Officer

Crafting a brand experience to reflect innovation.

While the previous iteration of the Lee Company’s website was deeply rooted in their past, using outdated, rigid layouts that didn’t accurately reflect the company’s innovative mentality, we knew the new site had to truly modernize the brand to reflect their status as a global leader.

That’s why we implemented a new design that leverages bold typography, full-width imagery and video, textures, optimized CTAs, and high-contrast brand colors to convey confidence and expertise. 

The result: a fully responsive, engaging, easy-to-navigate experience with clear calls-to-action and an intuitive information architecture.

As a leader in design and innovation in their own products, The Lee Company needed a site that would reflect that same exacting standard—merging complexity and simplicity into one beautiful, engaging design.​

Travis Pease

VP of Design

A library packed with relevant resources & information.

The product pages we created for The Lee Company maximize the amount of relevant, helpful information a customer needs for each product, all while giving the Lee team full control over page management.​

Each product page features relevant documents and resources within informational tabs for easy reference by customers and sales teams.​ This, paired with new “Insights” and “Support & Resources” sections, helps to organize Lee’s industry-leading expertise into navigable libraries of articles, brochures, whitepapers, videos, etc.  These insights/resources are also woven throughout the website, providing trusted information wherever users need it.

We also built a custom Lohm calculator tool to help users quickly and easily specify requirements for Lohms – a unit specially developed by Lee to measure resistance to fluid flow.


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