When we began work on a new website for ConforMIS, we set out to make sure that the revolutionary medical device got the web presence it deserved.

ConforMIS is an award-winning medical device company that develops and commercializes patient-specific knee implants for those suffering from osteoarthritis and joint damage. What makes ConforMIS unique is that every patient gets a knee replacement that is shaped specifically for them.

Conformis Website Redesign

In addition to building and launching the site, ConforMIS also turned to Digital Impulse for a full SEO implementation of the new site, as well as a social media facelift. The brand has also opted for increased creative services, including reimagined email templates and landing pages that highlight the transformative nature of ConforMIS knee replacements.

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"ConforMIS designs and manufacture customized knee implants for each patient. No two are alike."
Conformis website development

ConforMIS Website Redesign

We rebuilt the ConforMIS site to be polished and informative, catering to current and potential patients, as well as healthcare professionals. The WordPress back-end design focuses not only on the literally one-of-a-kind products, but also on storytelling. From the moment you land on the homepage, you are invited to hear the remarkable stories of ConforMIS knee patients who are lively and pain-free.

SEO Management

SEO Management

We were tasked with building a search engine optimization strategy for ConforMIS that increased targeted traffic to their site. We approached this by architecting their new site with built-in on-page as well as off-page content optimizations. This allowed us to research and benchmark keywords for our client, provide meaningful metadata, and accurately report while driving their rankings up for industry-leading knee replacement terms.

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Landing Pages

Behind every great PPC campaign there's a great landing page. This is how we treat our page design, and it was no different with ConforMIS. Integrated with HubSpot, these high-converting pages leverage our client's unique imagery and a simple short form to supplement their PPC campaign. These landing pages retain their integrity, while easily being able to be utilized for any number of future campaigns.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is an amazing tool that we used to create custom forms and landing pages for ConforMIS. We integrate and test these forms to ensure implementation, and provide training on how to navigate the HubSpot user interface. Our landing pages were built for the HubSpot engine to ensure full tracking and ease-of-use.