Happy Valentine’s Day from DI!

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Beloved members of the Digital Impulse community,

If you’ve seen any of our marketing materials, then you know that we strive to be “an agency with heart.” Well, today, on this most heart-filled of holidays, we wanted to reach out and assure you that this sentiment goes beyond branding. The shape of our logo is no accident, we genuinely love what we do, and – in the most professional way possible – we love all of you.

It may sound corny, but it’s true. We have nothing but love for the organizations we work with. For one thing, we’d be nothing without our clients. We’re more aware of this fact now than ever. If covid has taught us anything, it’s that we all need each other.

Secondly, if we didn’t pour our hearts into our work, you likely wouldn’t be our clients. Therefore, from start to finish, our process is fueled by love. Or at least through strong relationships founded on passionate work. In the spirit of today’s holiday, though, let’s call it love.

If our writers didn’t love writing, then your ad copy and blog posts would ring hollow. If our designers didn’t love creating vivid experiences, then your websites and social media graphics wouldn’t be nearly as engaging. And, of course, if our developers and marketing technologists weren’t deeply obsessed with their difficult jobs then they simply wouldn’t be doing them.

To work as hard as our team works, you need to be motivated by more than just money. You have to wake in the morning with a need to create things that move people. To build something worth showing off. And I believe that everyone on our team has this motivation. It’s been truly inspiring to watch these past 10 years.

At its core, these characteristics are what it means to be “an agency with heart.” It means treating every deliverable with the warmth and affection that it deserves. It means being patient and deliberate and not watching the clock.

This loving approach is the difference between marketing materials that feel hand-crafted and ones that feel machine-made. At DI, we’re not an assembly line. We treat every asset as if it were a mural on your office wall. In other words, something that we’d be proud to put our name on and you’d be proud to associate your brand with.

It’s a labor of love; on Valentine’s Day and every other day.

This day, however, is a great opportunity to reflect on the thriving relationships that we’ve built throughout the year and the things we hope to accomplish together in the future.

So, in the spirit of today’s celebration, we wholeheartedly hope that you and your team share our optimism.

From the DI office to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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