Welcome to Heartbeat: Insights from Our In-House Experts

Whether it’s tech, design, copywriting, project management, or simply a cool idea worth sharing, our team will use Heartbeat as a place to impart their expertise.

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Calling all marketers, from Boston and beyond: there’s a new source for expert digital insights in town.

If you know us, you know we’ve got a team of designers, marketers, developers, and experts chock full of some pretty great ideas about how to help businesses grow, adapt, and evolve their digital footprint.

Keeping all those insights to ourselves just doesn’t feel right–which is why we’re opening the doors and letting our best ideas shine through to the world.

Enter, Heartbeat: a place for our team to tell the story of DI, showcase our amazing team members’ best thinking, unveil our latest projects, and give our team a creative outlet through which they can express their unique voices.

We have a lot to say, and now, we have a place to say it.

Feel the Heartbeat of DI: Our People

The best asset we have here at DI is our people. That’s why we’ll be rolling out a Meet the Team series, each featuring an in-depth Q&A with our team members – from designers and developers, all the way up to our leadership.

Through these, you’ll get a behind-the-curtain look at our agency and become more familiar with the awesome people who keep the heart of DI beating strong.

Learn Yourself Something New: Our Thinking

Our goal is to offer something more thought-provoking than the average “how-to” guide or “top 10” list. We want to strike a balance between content that is educational, interesting, and actually worth your precious time.

We’ll be taking a closer look at core topics across our skillsets–more than simply analyzing trends, but exploring the nature of trends and what gives rise to them in the first place.

Whether it’s tech, design, copywriting, project management, or simply a cool idea worth sharing, our team will use this blog as a place to impart their expertise.

Stay Up on the Latest: Our Progress

There’s a lot going on at our agency and in our industry.

Internally, we’re launching new websites, rolling out new campaigns, making new hires, and establishing new partnerships. Using Heartbeat, we’ll be able to keep all of you informed about all of it.

Externally, there are always new algorithm changes, software updates, and app turnovers that we will be highlighting on our feed to tell you how we’re dealing with them.

We’re Excited to Get Started, and Happy You’re Here

That’s all for now, but there’s so much more to come. Thank you for reading. We hope that you have as much fun consuming our insights as we do writing them. It’s a labor of love.

Follow us on social media and stay tuned for new posts in the coming weeks, months, and beyond. This is only the beginning.

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