Meet the DI Team: Megan Hess, Senior Account Manager

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This series features all of the awesome people who keep the heart of Digital Impulse beating strong. Today, we spoke with Megan Hess, our spirited and multi-talented Senior Account Manager. 

Being an AM means touching every conceivable part of our business. You do a little bit of everything. For the account team, there is no hard division between the tech and creative sides of the agency. If something needs to get done, they make sure it gets done. They essentially specialize in being generalists.  

It’s a demanding and dynamic job. But nobody makes it look more effortless than Meg Hess. Over the past four (nearly five) years, she’s become an indispensable asset to our clients and a sagacious mentor to our up-and-coming DI employees.  

The enthusiasm with which she tackles complex, far-reaching marketing campaigns is a constant morale booster for those around her. Her seeming inability to become panicked even in the face of encroaching due dates is precisely the sort of goalline composure that you want in a leader.

Meg always brightens up our office, virtually and in person, and we’re grateful to have her around. We hope you enjoy getting to know her better in this blog. 

Megan, what led you to a career in marketing? 

I honestly feel like it happened so organically. I can’t remember the exact moment that I chose to pursue the path I’m on. It just felt like the natural course to take.  

I started taking business and marketing classes in college and absolutely loved them. I went into sales as my first job out of school, which helped me build interpersonal account management skills. Eventually, I was hired by DI, where I could pursue my love of digital marketing full-time. 

How has your experience at DI been so far? 

Every day is different, which I really enjoy. Each project is always action-packed but on different levels – some days are littered with emails and meetings, some days there are fires to be put out, other days there is so much internal collaboration going on, and sometimes it’s a mix of all of that! 

Being surrounded by a team full of such passionate, fun, and intelligent people makes working at DI so awesome. 

What project, accomplishment, or event at DI are you most proud of? 

Being promoted at DI was definitely something that gave me a big smile. This allowed me to take on more responsibility – larger and more complex projects. It also gave me the chance to contribute to the growth of DI as a leader on our account team. 

Aside from my own personal progression, it’s hard to choose one project that I’m proud of. They are all so different and rewarding in their own ways. Plus, nothing is ever really finished when it comes to client work. There’s always more to be done, so the sense of accomplishment comes more from continuing to do the best we can rather than one isolated victory.   

Where do you find inspiration? 

From everyone around me – family, friends, coworkers, and clients. They motivate me to be better. 

What do you do for fun? 

I like to get out and explore new local spots – enjoy good food, good drinks, and good times. 

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in marketing? 

Be proactive – try to get ahead of what’s next; this has helped me on so many occasions it’s hard to keep count and has really set me up for success. 

Be flexible – always be on your toes to be ready to pivot a goal, strategy, or timeline. 

What’s next for Meg Hess in 2022? 

I started at Digital Impulse four years ago, and I have grown so much as a professional. DI has also grown so much over the last four years, which gets me excited to be along for that. I’m looking forward to continuing this fun!

In my personal life, I just became a homeowner, which is awesome! So when I’m not busy managing accounts, I’ll be busy making my new house a home.

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