A site with fresh new flavor for an all-natural food company.

A new brand site built to make finding products and recipes easier than ever.

The client.

Al Fresco All Natural (owned by Kayem Foods Inc.) has spent decades focused on one mission: empowering home cooks to elevate their daily dinners with convenient, high-quality products made with natural ingredients. Now, two decades later, they’ve earned a spot in grocery aisles across the country.

The challenge.

With a refreshed brand bringing the “bestie’s kitchen” energy, Al Fresco needed a new site that could engage users and drive sales. The site needed enhanced usability for product search, and to make it easy for users to get inspired with a large recipe library. We worked together to make it happen.

Engaging and friendly: a site as bold as its flavors

The redesign of Al Fresco’s website features a visually striking, yet highly usable interface with pronounced textures and graphic flourishes that make it all feel more vibrant and livelier.

We focused on creating a colorful and welcoming digital environment that mirrors the brand’s personable and health-conscious image. Features like in-depth product pages, detailed recipe sections, store locators, and community-driven content such as social media integrations were prioritized to foster engagement, enjoyment, and value to visitors.

Infusing the unmistakable Al Fresco brand into each touchpoint

Our designers drew inspiration from the standout color palette and packaging style of Al Fresco’s products to make the brand’s digital presence immediately recognizable to users. This required a high degree of customization and the integration of bespoke design elements to capture and convey Al Fresco’s identity.

Once these aesthetic aspects of the site were finalized, our developers ensured that the visuals were incorporated smoothly on the backend in a way that was reusable and flexible. This involved building tailored CMS solutions to make the website straightforward for the Al Fresco team to manage post-handoff, ensuring long-term sustainability and ease of content updates.


"Al Fresco brought a fun (and well-defined) brand to the project, and we knew the design had to make that brand shine. That's why we designed the site to really feel like a good friend inviting you into the kitchen, all while simplifying the user experience for max engagement."

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Engaging product pages designed to invite exploration

The cornerstone of Al Fresco’s business is, naturally, their products. Connecting users to the full product catalog was crucial, so we built the product pages to clearly showcase the most important product info: everything from flavor and nutritional info, to related recipes and social inspiration. By combining great info with high-resolution imagery and engaging layouts, we helped encourage deeper exploration and interaction from site visitors.

The result: helping users feel as though they’re holding the product in their hands, right on the site.

Community-powered recipes help enhance brand connections

Sharing great recipe ideas is a great way to inspire purchase, so Al Fresco knew they needed to elevate their robust recipe library with seamless social media sharing tools to build a community. By allowing customers to share their culinary creations and experiences with Al Fresco in key spots across the site, we helped Al Fresco build even stronger brand engagement where it counts.


A digital transformation and a recipe for future success

Al Fresco’s reimagined website now shows off their friendly and helpful brand voice, simplifies product exploration and engagement, and provides a refreshed platform to support business growth.

The result: amplified brand awareness potential, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

"We knew the back-end of the new site needed to be flexible and scalable, so Al fresco could continue to expand the site as the company grew. Now, they have the flexibility to make it what they need--and, more importantly, make it extra engaging for their customers."

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