A refined web presence for a leader in family business advising.

A new, refreshed site designed to reflect BanyanGlobal's proven expertise.

The client.

BanyanGlobal is a family business advisory firm renowned for its expertise in assisting multi-generational enterprises around the globe. With decades of experience, the team at Banyan is committed to supporting family-owned companies. They work closely with owners to continually refine and evolve their practice, ensuring they can offer informed guidance on the many unique challenges these businesses face. 

The challenge.

Recognized for their authority in the family business sector, BanyanGlobal needed a digital platform that showcased their credibility while remaining accessible and straightforward for clients seeking quick insights. Balancing the diverse expectations of numerous, passionate internal stakeholders added a layer of complexity to the project. Our team embraced the challenge of creating a completely reimagined website for BanyanGlobal, at elevating their online brand presence and showing off their distinct brand personality. 

Elevating the website experience to reflect premium services.

BanyanGlobal excels in meaningful client interactions, essential for navigating the unique challenges of family-run businesses. To mirror their high-quality, personalized service online, we designed a refined, engaging site that reflects their brand visually.  

The design features dynamic, color-changing backgrounds and custom Banyan tree graphics, symbolizing the same growth and resilience as the Banyan tree itself. Microinteractions on hover and click, along with integrated videos, enrich the user experience, making the digital platform feel alive and responsive. These elements combine to create a digital presence that authentically reflects BanyanGlobal’s commitment to personalized, client-focused service. 

“Representing Banyan’s premium brand visually was crucial to the site. We integrated custom design touches and micro-animations to really help the site feel professional in a high-end (but also very subtle) way.”

Travis Pease

VP of Design

Aligning stakeholders with highly visual wireframes.

To align the new website with BanyanGlobal’s brand voice and vision, we employed a meticulous low-fi/high-fi wireframe process, ensuring every stakeholder’s input was considered and integrated. This collaborative approach was critical in developing a platform that not only looked beautiful but also functioned seamlessly and resonated with all team members. 


“By working together to develop the right stories and user flows, we helped build total stakeholder buy-in along every step of the journey. The new site reflects that close collaboration and trust we built together.”

Conor Snell

Director of Content Strategy

Consolidating thought leadership into a scalable library.

As advisors, the BanyanGlobal team has a wealth thought leaders who regularly contributed blog posts, articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, and infographics. Heck, they’ve even published an entire book on running a successful family enterprise. The challenge, however, was to streamline and consolidate all this content—previously dispersed across two separate domains—into one cohesive, navigable library. 

Our solution was to create an all-encompassing and scalable digital library that not only housed their existing content but was also designed to accommodate ongoing publications. This streamlined interface enhances the user experience, encouraging deeper engagement and exploration of BanyanGlobal’s website. 

Intuitive content management for long-term success.

BanyanGlobal needed a website that could power their continued success well into the future—and that meant being able to independently manage and evolve their site for years to come.

By building their new WordPress site using the Gutenberg visual builder, we equipped the BaynanGlobal team with a user-friendly, flexible, easy-to-edit backend that simplifies the process of updating and maintaining the content. The intuitive nature of this CMS allowed them to effortlessly add, adjust, and restructure website content, making it an ideal solution for a dynamic, forward-thinking organization without a depth of coding expertise. That way, the site could continue to serve their evolving needs without requiring technical expertise every time.


The result: a robust digital platform for a leading family business advisor.

The outcome is a sophisticated, highly functional website that stands as a testament to BanyanGlobal’s leadership in the family business advisory space. It not only supports their digital marketing strategies but also significantly enhances user engagement and content discoverability. 

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