A streamlined website fit for strategic distribution experts.

The client.

There’s a reason the world’s leading ecommerce and retail brands know Fortna as “The Distribution Experts.” Fortna specializes in designing, building, and implementing highly strategic distribution strategies for small, mid-sized, and complex transformational projects.

Using their proprietary “Fortna Framework” methodology, they put their passion for thinking big and solving complex problems to use helping global brands outsmart their most complicated business challenges.

The challenge.

Though already regarded for their skills as consultants in optimizing complex business operations, there’s so much more the Fortna team brings to the table—and their new web presence needed to reflect just that.

The goal: to firmly position Fortna as a leading software and technology company capable of “meeting you where you are” in the design process. Plus, we brought their intelligent FortnaWES Warehouse Distribution System (their “secret sauce”) to the forefront, delivering it to the right audiences right where it matters most.

Designed to Deliver a Clean Brand Story

Like a distributor upgrading their warehouse for a more efficient workflow, Fortna needed to elevate their site’s visual design to better communicate their skills and expertise. An upgrade from an old website that was heavy on text and lacking in visuals or brand identity, the new Fortna site is designed to be as clean, intuitive, modern, and scalable as their services—with a specific focus on storytelling to draw users in and keep them reading.

The new brand color palette, typography, and brand identity all reflect this transformation too, highlighting a clean and streamlined Fortna brand. These all work together with an engaging dotted line animation that both evokes the dots in the new logo and acts as a UX element, clearly guiding users to key information throughout the site.

"It was a unique challenge to bring such a complex subject matter to life in a visually compelling and digestible way."

Jon Langberg

Senior Web Designer

Introducing The Next Big Thing

The launch of Fortna’s new website also marked the introduction of their proprietary Fortna Optimization Framework, a newly productized service delivering best-fit automation tech and intelligent software in one strategic offering–a service so cool, we knew it needed its own space to introduce itself.

We designed a microsite-like section focused on this offering, including a dedicated subnavigation that allows users to jump seamlessly between steps of the Framework. It’s all tied together with an abstract cube illustration, which illustrates the steps of the Framework and helps visualize the process’s complex strategies.


Showing Off The Savings

One critical piece of Fortna’s messaging is the potential labor savings offered by their Goods-to-Person technologies. To really hammer that home, our developers crafted an interactive calculator tool—the Goods-to-Person eCommerce Assessment—for prospective customers to calculate their potential labor savings with Fortna.

Not only does this calculator tool clearly lay out the ROI for a customer, but it also encourages direct user engagement… and makes it oh-so-easy to hit that “Get In Touch” button.

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