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Showcasing Innovative Treatments

The client

Widely recognized as a global leader in medical device development and biomedical and biotechnology engineering, Boston Scientific transforms lives with less-invasive technologies engineered to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

As innovators in the development of healthcare technologies and procedures, they drive major medical solutions to improve the wellbeing of patients throughout the world.​

The challenge

When Boston Scientific approached us for support, they identified a major challenge that needed solving: strengthening the online presence of multiple distinct sub-brands and products under a unified brand and digital experience.

We took a multifaceted approach, combining best-in-class web design with strategic marketing to boost the impact of each individually, all while elevating the entire ecosystem to make an even greater impact for patients and physicians.

Helping patients feel seen with an approachable UX

Boston Scientific recognized a need for impactful digital presences for two key men’s urology solutions, each with their own unique audiences and messaging: SpaceOAR and ED Cure.

Because this class of conditions can be difficult for men to discuss, we felt these sites needed to accomplish several goals: normalize the topic, encourage communication, and provide a UX that is simultaneously comfortable and welcoming.

One of the ways we emphasized this focus on providing value to users was by creating interactive content like quizzes and posting thought leadership articles from experts, all coordinated under unified (yet distinct) brand colors and design executions, each adding to the overall sense of comfort and understanding we felt were so critical to these brands.

Building brand visibility through strategic social campaigns.

Our goal was to implement social media tactics and strategies to help Boston Scientific and their subsidiary brands connect with and engage potential patients, physicians, and extended audiences, all while unifying all messaging under a cohesive Boston Scientific umbrella.​

We made it happen by supporting both paid and organic growth strategies that would speak to each brand’s unique values, while at the same time guiding audiences deeper into critical website content and valuable site sections to highlight key messaging and drive a more robust digital experience.​


Strong organic posts provide critical support to paid social strategies, so we implemented an intelligent social awareness, consideration, and conversion push for Boston Scientific brands.

Meg Hess

Account Director

Boosting brand partnerships with strategic co-marketing campaigns.

Physicians & clinics play a crucial role as influencers. We activated these partners with a comarketing strategy to drive meaningful conversions for both healthcare providers and Boston Scientific.​

We launched comarketing social campaigns driving crucial conversions for local physician & clinics alongside Boston Scientific. By creating and activating a rapid-to-deploy comarketing framework built for scalability, we’ve driven significant results with minimal work required from doctors and maximum opportunities for ROAS for all parties.​

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