Custom-made knee implants for each individual patient.

The client.

Conformis (NYSE: CNFM) is a medical device company that combines advanced 3D imaging with the latest manufacturing technology to create fully customized knee implants. Every Conformis implant is developed based on the individual patient’s unique knee size and shape. In recent clinical trials, iTotal CR, the company’s total knee replacement product, demonstrated superior clinical outcomes than competitors in the category.

The challenge.

How does a relative newcomer with game-changing technology break into a medical device vertical that is owned by juggernauts like Stryker and Zimmer? Conformis came to Digital Impulse to elevate brand awareness, introduce a revolutionary new product, and stake their claim as an industry disruptor. In addition to website design, Conformis turned to Digital Impulse for our full range of digital marketing services, including search, social, email automation, CRM management, and technology development.

The solution.

With full license to shake things up, Digital Impulse popped the hood on the Conformis digital marketing machine and got to work. To introduce the brand, connect with doctors and patients, and drive qualified leads, we leveraged every element of our digital toolbox, from web design to development, paid search to SEO. Along the way, our strategists worked side by side with the Conformis team, digging into customer insights and user personas in order to craft the most engaging, highest converting campaigns possible. What happened when the most innovative knee replacement provider went under the (digital) knife itself? Total transformation.

Design-driven storytelling.

Relationships with patients and doctors are the lifeblood of Conformis’ business, so in approaching the website redesign, we prioritized user experience. That meant re-engineering the site architecture to guide patients and doctors to the right information, right away. Rather than work in silos, Digital Impulse designers, developers, and information architecture specialists worked side by side to create a website as engaging as it is navigable. With site structure, navigation, and custom coding in place, our content development team got to work, crafting rich, conversion-optimized content in a cohesive brand voice.


Custom tech for a custom knee implant.

Conformis is a leader in innovation, so when it came to lead generation, a “business as usual” approach just wouldn’t cut it. In order to deliver a first-in-class user experience, the technology powering the Conformis website had to be without equal. With that in mind, we set out to tackle the company’s biggest challenge: getting patients to Conformis doctors in their area, as quickly and easily as possible. How’d we do it? Digital Impulse developed a 100% custom-built surgeon locator that leverages geolocation to match qualified patients with Conformis surgeons. The locator tool is truly best in class within the industry, in design, UX, and path to conversion.

Helping the community get their lives back.

Conformis customizes every knee replacement to the unique demands of the patient. So it only made sense that we develop a truly custom, integrated marketing strategy for launching the brand. Leveraging hyper-targeted Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube ads, alongside a sophisticated SEO operation, Digital Impulse has driven tens of thousands of users into the Conformis funnel. And because the customer lifecycle for patients considering knee replacement can run for months or even years, we follow it all up with automated lead nurturing campaigns utilizing personalized email sequences and retargeting.


One size fits all? Not for knees, not for strategy.

Conformis’ content strategy relies heavily on creating meaningful connections with its social audience. In managing the brand’s social media engagement, Digital Impulse strategists, designers, and community managers craft high-impact content based on carefully researched patient personas. Featuring emotional, real-life patient stories and evocative messaging, we introduce the Conformis brand to its audience at scale, without sacrificing personal connection.

In line with Conformis’ patient-first strategy, we built our lead nurturing campaign around HubSpot. With a full historical timeline of every interaction a user has with Conformis, our marketing strategy is driven by data, not educated guesses. Leveraging an array of software integrations, we’ve developed dynamic lists, custom reports, 360-degree dashboards, automated workflows and more to optimize our campaigns while saving critical time and resources.

"With our tech, creative, and marketing teams working together, Conformis is a living example of a real integrated marketing strategy."

Noah Burkholz

Director of Marketing Technology

Knee deep in strategy.

Knees are all about flexibility, and Conformis gave us plenty in overhauling the company’s digital marketing. With full license to employ our full arsenal of services, Digital Impulse delivered a first-in-class online experience worthy of the brand’s revolutionary products. From web design to custom development, paid media management to social media strategy and everything in between, we worked hand-in-hand with Conformis to raise awareness, generate highly qualified leads, and put an entire industry on notice.

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