Unmatched medical imaging, meet innovative user experience.

Making it easy to see the value in cutting-edge health tech.

As a pioneering medical technology company that specializes in handheld, wireless ultrasound devices, Clarius is revolutionizing the way medical professionals access and utilize ultrasound imaging.

But to reach, inspire, and engage healthcare providers and decision makers effectively, Clarius needed a digital experience just as cutting-edge as the technology itself.

Clarius partnered with Digital Impulse to develop a new, modern website that effectively showcases their groundbreaking ultrasound solutions.

We built a site rich in animation and highly engaging micro-interactions, all paired with an intuitive navigation structure and beautiful designs to provide valuable resources for medical practitioners and, ultimately, foster stronger connections with their target audience.

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Precision Healthcare, Meet Innovative Web Design

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A new digital home for the diagnostics innovators building a healthier world.

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