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The client.

For the past 20 years, ICON Eyecare has been committed to high-quality care, specializing in LASIK, cataract, and other ocular procedures. Aside from the over 200,000 corrective procedures they’ve done, ICON has always been laser-focused on community engagement and outreach. They’ve made it their goal to be the seen as the most professional, personalized eyecare company in Colorado.

The Challenge.

The team at ICON didn’t feel that their website was conveying the sense of quality that someone would find within their offices. ICON and their marketing team at MD Connect tasked DI with designing a new site that not only communicated personality and professionalism, but could be deployed across multiple ICON locations.


ICON is known throughout the Denver area for its high-quality, patient-focused eyecare professionals. However, their website wasn’t telling the same story – and wasn’t functioning well for their target audience. We concentrated on accessibility, which meant increased contrast, font sizes and line height. Larger marketing content areas could be easily controlled from the CMS.

The overall aesthetic needed to be tailored to engage a broad range of people who all want to see the world more clearly. Each procedure type required content and imagery targeted to the audience type it represents. Bold, visually engaging imagery, coupled with easy to read copy and subtle (micro)animations, support a highly-curated user journey.

The challenge was creating a flexible marketing site that could retain its personality, no matter what campaign was being run.

Travis Pease

VP of Design

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