Every pair of OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recover in ways that typical footwear can’t: Absorbing more shock, enabling more natural motion, and reducing stress on your feet.

Did you have a long day on your feet? Or maybe you just finished an intense workout? Whether you’re a competitive athlete or an average Joe, there is a good chance you suffer from some kind foot pain. OOFOS is an innovative new footwear provider with a single focus, recovery. Biomechanically engineered to alleviate foot stress and soreness, OOFOS absorbs 37% more impact than traditional athletic shoes. They help to relieve pain and get wearers back on their feet faster.

Footwear is a tough market to compete in. There are a lot of competitors, and there isn’t a single brand that doesn’t hang their hat on comfort of some sort. Moreover, “recovery” isn’t a well know category. So how does a new brand break through the clutter?

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Create the Right Marketing Mix

Digital Impulse created a multi channel digital marketing strategy built to drive direct sales, activate the brand’s current customer base and create multi-touch opportunities to support continued marketing communications. Tactically, this strategy included social media, email, paid search, and display. Digital Impulse also redesigned the OOFOS homepage and updated the site to increase engagement and make the purchase process easy for users.

OOFOS marketing

Activate, Engage, and Continue the Conversation

OOFOS has a rabid and loyal fan base. Digital Impulse executed highly shareable promotions, offers and sweepstakes tailored to activate this fan base, power sales and drive users into segmented email lists. Subsequent email and remarketing campaigns allowed for multiple touch points with qualified users. These campaigns drove additional sales and increased the overall lifetime value of a customer.

OOFOS Paid Search

Connect with Users When They’re Ready to Make a Purchase

People whose feet hurt are online looking for solutions, especially when they are ready to purchase new footwear. Digital Impulse leveraged a highly targeted PPC campaign to reach these users while they’re searching. By identifying keywords and phrases that indicate a user is ready to buy, Digital Impulse was able to make sure OOFOS was front and center, presenting their offering and driving users into the sales funnel.

OOFOS web design

Design that Communicates the Brand and Drives Sales

At the onset of the engagement, OOFOS’ website was a bit outdated. It featured some nice imagery, but didn’t deliver the brand message or help people move seamlessly through the sales process.

Digital Impulse redesigned the homepage, integrating social media, as well as prominent conversion points that helped users to select the size and style they liked best. Ultimately the new design supported the overall marketing strategy and worked to help each digital initiative result in more revenue.