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Designing a one-stop shop to fuel up.

Nouria has long been a welcome sight alongside oftentimes snow-packed New England roads, serving up fuel for weary travelers. Started by Tony El-Nemr in 1989, nouria has a storied history of providing stellar customer service via its now 135+ convenience stores and 45+ car washes.

2019 was a big year for nouria – in addition to celebrating 30 years, they unveiled a refreshed visual identity and prepped for the launch of their new flagship location at Logan Airport in Boston, MA – the first gas station and convenience store located outside the terminal at the airport.

The rollout for the new brand identity meant an updated website that showcased new visuals, packaging, and the introduction of our location tool. The site focuses on creating buzz around products and services, including promotions, while also providing a robust amount of information for each location. This led to a significant amount of engagement with the site, and an increase in brand equity.

Welcome to the kitchen.

The new website had to be designed from scratch – new merchandising strategy, new visual identity, new brand positioning, and new underlying technology. With that in mind, we architected the site to focus on products and services, along with locations. Food, beverage, and fuel had a place to shine on the site, all while being easily edited within a highly customized WordPress CMS implementation.

Go, go, go!

We also introduced custom features into our proprietary location tool that, when paired with location service technology, served users the most important location-based information as quickly as possible. We featured location hours, amenities, and promotional deals associated within each location, all easily controlled from WordPress and with no third-party software needed.


"I wanted the experience to be unlike any other in the industry."

Travis Pease

VP of Design

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