Redefining the future of supply chain robotics.

Showing off robotic innovation.

Walking through the Soft Robotics office, there’s a commotion. Software and hardware developers unpacking boxes filled with every day items, from rubber ducks to marshmallow Peeps, looking more like a variety store than a corporate office. These items are then brought into a testing lab.

Inside the lab, it’s tough to ignore the flurry of blue streaking across your vision, as automated robots pick up and place the medley of items, in various shapes and sizes, into different boxes. Finally adjusting to the pace, the possibilities of such a product are hard to ignore.

Soft Robotics’ mission is to use their technology to provide unique automated solutions to their clients. They design and manufacture advanced supply chain technologies which enable their customers to automate the handling of variable products and processes. Food-safe and people-safe, their solutions stand on the bleeding edge of innovation in robotic automation.

When Soft Robotics looked to take their marketing to the next level, they came to Digital Impulse to help design a new website that would best position their ground-breaking grippers and robots for success.

Get a grip.

The site design was built around the brilliant blue mGrip product, but was flexible enough for the Soft Robotics team to never be boxed in. Our modular framework allows for Soft Robotics’ marketing team to take total control of their site without compromising visual cohesion.

"Soft Robotics grippers are truly a breakthrough technology. They really needed a site that could match that level of innovation, and I think we were able to deliver... I also got to shake hands with a robot, so that was pretty cool."

Travis Pease

VP of Design

Build your solution.

Not sure which Soft Robotics product is right for your system? We designed and deployed a custom configurator experience that, after answering a few quick questions, provides information on the exact part for a user. And the best part? That information is collected and sent directly to HubSpot.


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