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The client.

Transitional Data Services, or TDS, has been providing IT transformation services since 2002, when clouds were more commonly found floating above your head. Since then, they have evolved from a service-based data center migration company to much more than that. Via their TransitionManager tool, they have created a scalable mapped solution that helps their clients manage IT change through data center migration, cloud migration, and disaster recovery.

The challenge.

As many companies do, TDS found themselves in a crucial spot — in order to scale, they needed to reposition themselves as a software-first company with TransitionManager as the crown jewel. This required a full redesign of their outdated website, including a new visual language, copywriting, and information hierarchy. Our teams had to work together to accelerate change and bring TDS into a new era.

Illustrating migration.

The TDS site needed to be able to stand on its own in a very competitive environment. We reimagined how to best communicate TransitionManager services by using a more playful illustration style — not only bringing in contemporary visual elements, but also more thoughtfully explaining how TransitionManager ties together multiple services.

"The payoff was the transformation — underneath the stock imagery was an identity waiting to emerge."

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Bringing balance to the IT force.

In order to reposition the company properly, we completely refreshed its visual elements to highlight the updated content hierarchy. This led to clearer user flows into important TDS products and services.


Show and tell.

The legacy website was awash with stock imagery that was more representative of their services and not software — in addition to detracting from brand equity. We worked with TDS to remove stock photography and replace it with UI screenshots and imagery that was more indicative of the value TransitionManager brings to clients. This brought the site up to par with modern, more familiar software-focused experiences.

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