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Visualizing and connecting a vibrant community.

We work with many amazing organizations across dozens of industries, from those developing innovative medical procedures to one-of-a-kind supply chain robotic systems. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do here at DI.

Occasionally, however, we have the opportunity to work with businesses that resonate especially well with our team. They bring a vibrancy that lasts long after the project has concluded – energy that permeated through everything from the project management to the design. In many ways, working together with Team IMPACT was the perfect relationship.

The client.

Team IMPACT is an organization that connects children with often debilitating, chronic diseases, with NCAA collegiate teams that offer mentorship and, oftentimes, lifelong friendships. This means that the organization is responsible for forging these connections between parent, child, and student-athlete, which requires transparent communications that build excitement and, most of all, trust.

We partnered with Team IMPACT to design and develop their new website experience – one that captured the spirit and excitement of when a child is paired with a collegiate team and how that leads to significant positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Building better outcomes through teamwork.

One of the main challenges that Team IMPACT was experiencing was storytelling. There was such a profound story to be told – one that could provide clarity into the process, while not bogging down the program’s positive impact and energy. This was addressed on the new site through “a day in the life” – utilizing both sides (child and team perspectives) of the same case in order to explain the different points of view.

“I always feel like our work makes a difference, but in this case we were truly able to make an IMPACT. It’s an amazing feeling at the end of the day to think we were able to help them potentially connect more children with teams.”

Travis Pease

VP of Design

A team for every child.

Team IMPACT partners with hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation so that every eligible child is paired with the perfect program. While the previous list of partner programs was awkward and cumbersome, DI implemented a new filterable database of institutions that shows applicable programs and participation history. This highlighted not only the breadth of partners, but also allows families to search for the perfect school for their child.


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