Changing the game for omni-channel fulfillment services.

Under the radar, a cut above the rest.

The client.

Berkshire Grey is a supply chain robotics company that was, until recently, operating in stealth mode. Started by the former CTO of iRobot, Tom Wagner, the VC-backed company was recently noted as one of the stealthy startups to watch this year in Boston. The company offers an omni-channel, AI-driven fulfillment solution that provides unparalleled scalability for enterprise clients. Berkshire Grey’s dedicated team is propelling the company forward while disrupting the competitive fulfillment services market.

The challenge.

When Berkshire Grey approached Digital Impulse, the company had a revolutionary product but no way to tell its incredible story online. Berkshire Grey needed a digital presence that would cut through the noise and, breaking its secrecy, announce the company’s arrival with a bang.

We worked closely with the client to craft a brand narrative that demonstrated Berkshire Grey’s relentless drive and innovative culture. Leveraging a darker theme and video backgrounds that pull back the curtain on the company’s automated systems, we added an element of anticipation and mystery to the launch.

Automation...powered by people.

Berkshire Grey is all about artificial intelligence and automation, but the company is further differentiated by a team of high-performance engineers, support specialists, and managers. As the home base for talent acquisition, the new website had to tell the company’s story in a visually compelling way that put the company’s unique culture front and center. Digital Impulse designers and developers created an online experience that leverages motion, video, and animated effects to convey the company’s forward-looking vision and tech-centric philosophy.


"Working with a stealthy company was interesting - it meant being very particular about our first impression. "

Unlimited flexibility.

As a newcomer to the world of omni-channel fulfillment, Berkshire Grey needed a flexible content management system capable of powering the ambitious digital strategy that would launch the brand. Digital Impulse worked in close collaboration with the Berkshire Grey team to develop a custom, agile framework within WordPress that would allow them to create new pages on the fly, without jumping through unnecessary hoops to do it.

Surprise attack.

When it came time to take its secretive product public, Berkshire Grey came to Digital Impulse for a digital experience that would announce itself as an overnight threat to business as usual in the fulfillment industry. Immersing ourselves in Berkshire Grey’s infectiously innovative culture, we designed a bold, visually striking website powered by a custom CMS for maximum flexibility. Because for a company transforming a stodgy industry, it’s not about what it is, but how it’s done.

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