Quantum computing software just became more digestible.

¡Viva la Revolución!

The quantum revolution, that is. Zapata, an enterprise-level quantum software developer, spun out of Harvard in 2017 with a mission to utilize quantum technologies to solve complex business problems for clients. Building on their proprietary Orquestra platform, Zapata takes an innovative approach to working with their clients at scale.

Zapata has been working with Digital Impulse to translate their brand digitally through a redesigned microsite and full-scale marketing site. Throughout the life of the relationship, Digital Impulse has become an important partner for Zapata in the creation of brand assets and positioning.

Visualizing quantum.

For those not immersed in the quantum computing world, practical applications can be hard to grasp. While this site was not meant to be a broad educational tool for quantum, it had to make the value of quantum solutions — specifically those delivered by the team at Zapata — understandable for all audiences. We achieved this through discovery sessions with the client that led to creating visual assets to promote Zapata’s value.

"Even if it was only scraping the surface, delving into the world of quantum was necessary for effective design."

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Creating a connection.

The team at Zapata is smart — like, wicked smart. To highlight their brilliant achievements and publications, we created a filtering system for their research, along with authorship attribution and related publications. This allows users higher visibility into the team behind the products and services.


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