Sono Bello Body Contouring has fast become national brand, and they've turned to Digital Impulse to be their one-stop, full service digital marketing and design shop.

The concept behind Sono Bello is simple: to provide body sculpting solutions that improve people’s lives. As the nation's leader in body contouring, Sono Bello wanted to take their digital brand and lead generation strategy to the next level.

Software Secure webpage redesign

We've worked with Sono Bello to completely overhaul their online presence. We redesigned and optimized their corporate site to improve branding, usability, and conversion rates. In the unique cosmetic surgery space, we were able to highlight Sono Bello as the premier destination for laser liposuction and body contouring.

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"With over 40,000 procedures to date, our staff of highly trained physicians specialize only in body contouring"

In tandem with ongoing site management, we’ve introduced new landing pages, microsites, mobile website and email templates that have created a seamless experience for the brand. In addition, we’ve completely overhauled the company’s social media assets and strategy to start working for their business.

Software Secure webpage redesign

Sono Bello Website Redesign

We took on a website redesign for Sono Bello in order to improve branding, usability, and conversion rates. We scaled back the tame, medical theme common to the industry and opted for a more vibrant, branded experience throughout the site. Engagement is encouraged with more images, videos, and eye-catching testimonials spread throughout the site. The user experience is enhanced by clean, modern layouts that relay information to the user. We're especially proud of the updates made to each individual location page, which provide potential patients with all of the information they need to easily enter the sales funnel. The site is constantly evolving as the brand grows and we provide top-level management to accommodate our client's needs quickly and efficiently.

SEO Management

SEO Management

In such an incredibly competitive industry, potential clients research multiple sources in order to make informed decisions about body contouring. We crafted a strategy that boosted numerous geo-targeted phrases to within the top 3 positions on Google (ex. Liposuction Atlanta). The growth in this targeted search visibility has lead to huge gains in converting traffic.

Sono Bello Mobile Site

Mobile Site

With mobile conversion rates down, we saw an opportunity to improve user experience by creating a dedicated mobile site. We built a modern, custom experience that promotes testimonials and important information, but never compromises on usability. The new mobile site has successfully raised conversion rates and has become one of the most important assets of the Sono Bello brand.

Software Secure webpage redesign

Landing Pages

At Digital Impulse we're constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity while maintaining usability, and the landing pages we've created for Sono Bello follow that trend. We keep the design and message relevant, up-front, and simple. We make sure to convey the campaign's message, but the design is soft and welcoming. These landing pages tie together simplicity and credibility, which is absolutely crucial in the client's industry. All of this together with a relevant short form has to lead to increased form submissions from qualified leads across multiple campaigns.

sono bello microsite design


The best microsites convert quickly by creating relevancy and ease of use. Most recently, we created a beautiful microsite for Sono Bello that promoted the CareCredit credit card to aid in financing a body contouring procedure. For this microsite, a static form allows for users to keep the form in sight while sorting quickly through information.

Sono Bello facebook

Social Media Management

We took on the task of completely refreshing Sono Bello's social presence across all platforms. We updated all social profiles to match the new branded site and provided an active space for users to engage the brand. Sono Bello's Facebook and Twitter profiles are now not only sources of original branded and non-branded content, but they also give the brand a voice and personality. The response has been overwhelmingly positive for the client, leading to increased fan engagement, likes, and followers.

Software Secure banners

Blog Creation and Management

Content creation is one of the most important, and underutilized, marketing tools for a brand. We created a standalone WordPress blog installation that is the perfect content outlet for Sono Bello. Fresh branded and non-branded content is posted and circulated through social media, driving thousands of views to the blog each month. We also implemented a module on the blog that leads to a landing page as a soft lead into the sales funnel for Sono Bello.

Sono Bello email marketing design

Email Marketing

Sono Bello has confidently used Digital Impulse for a suite of email marketing services. From template design to management of an immense email database, we've handled countless campaigns for the brand using the Bronto platform. Our process is simple: we put on our creative hats and build engaging designs with high CTRs. We then integrate branding and messaging for a cohesive experience. Lastly, we deliver! We continuously manage every campaign with utmost care, and we've done this to promote local events as well as national initiatives.