If you cook it, they will come.

Say hello to 150 years of cooking history.

The client.

Bell’s products have been gracing the dinner tables of families in New England for generations, from their famous salt-free seasoning to their New England Cranberry Stuffing. The company has a rich history dating back to 1867, but they came to Digital Impulse looking to modernize the brand and launch their social presence.

The challenge.

2017 was Bell’s 150th year in the kitchen, and the company came to Digital Impulse seeking a brand update, website redesign, and social media strategy worthy of that history. Bell’s wanted a new logo to recognize the anniversary, and a fresh look that celebrated the company’s past while looking confidently toward the future. Oh, and they wanted it fast — did we mention the entire project needed to be designed, developed, tested, and launched in just 60 days?

Kickin' it up a notch.

If you hail from New England, or you’ve found yourself in the area for a Thanksgiving feast, you’ve undoubtedly seen the iconic box — thick lettering framing a blue and red turkey. 150 years later, we wanted to preserve the charm of the original branding when refreshing Bell’s digital properties. Digital Impulse designers opted to integrate brand colors and fonts in a more meaningful way, and call out the history of the brand directly with a special tagline. Select recipes, many sent in from loyal Bell’s customers, are featured throughout the site to reinforce that Bell’s is for more than just Thanksgiving.


A vibrant experience across all devices.

As with all of our builds, we designed the new site experience to look and feel great across multiple device types and screen resolutions. Whether seeking product information, delicious Bell’s recipes or store locations, we wanted users to be able to access key information as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Food Network(ing)

Nothing goes with good food better than good conversation, so in launching the new site, the Digital Impulse team designed and implemented a multi-channel social media strategy to build awareness and drive engagement. We applied the brighter digital branding to Bell’s social profiles, produced 30-second recipe videos, and integrated bite-sized content into the new website in order to increase social sharing.

Working with the New England household name that is Bell’s, the Digital Impulse team was challenged to honor 150 years of delicious tradition while also giving the client a digital presence worthy of the age of Instagram. Leveraging bold design, responsive development, and a social media strategy leveraging user-generated content, Digital Impulse cooked up a fresh new take on one of New England’s most beloved brands.


"We didn't throw out the old - we found a bridge between nostalgia and today's modern kitchen."

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