From Kickstarter darling to Amazon-owned.

Don't blink.

The client.

From its humble beginnings on Kickstarter to a multi-million dollar Amazon acquisition, Blink became a household name by delivering a truly wireless video home monitoring system that puts competitors to shame. Capable of running for two years on a pair of AA batteries, the Blink video camera is motion-activated and easily monitored via smartphone or tablet. Oh, and there’s no monthly subscription fee.

The challenge.

Coming off a great showing at the Consumer Electronics Show where the company was recognized with a 2016 Innovation Award, Blink had a fantastic problem on its hands: a website incapable of handling sky-high demand. Blink had quickly outgrown its pre-sales platform and needed a more scalable ecommerce system. To build on the success of CES, the company also needed a cohesive digital marketing strategy to boost brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase sales.

The solution.

Digital Impulse delivered an end-to-end digital marketing machine for Blink, encompassing everything from front-end design to ecommerce setup, ad campaigns to social media strategy. Leveraging user-generated content and PPC-powered social contests, we crafted a marketing plan that injected elements of fun and freshness into the otherwise serious home monitoring category.

Facing overwhelming demand for its revolutionary product, Blink’s pre-sales platform could no longer keep up. So the company turned to the development team at Digital Impulse, who designed and installed a highly customized Shopify ecommerce platform to power Blink’s business. In addition to backend improvements, the new system streamlined the checkout process, enhancing the customer experience and increasing conversion rates.

Click, click, boom.

In order to boost brand awareness in the crowded home monitoring market, Digital Impulse developed conversion-optimized ad copy and creative designed to differentiate Blink from the competition. From keyword research to A/B testing, the entire campaign was data-driven and based on extensive customer research and personas.


"You have to take risks if you want to stand out in a competitive product category. Blink has done that with great tact, and the results have been overwhelming."

Chapin Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Camera-ready content.

Fueled by user-generated content provided by Blink’s enthusiastic early adopters, Digital Impulse designed and executed a social media strategy for customer acquisition and engagement. In addition to developing shareable, conversion-optimized content, we built highly engaging sweepstakes and promotions, delivered to targeted, high-value audiences via our paid media campaign.

Leveraging the segmented email lists grown by our PPC-powered social media campaigns, Digital Impulse developed actionable emails custom-tailored by customer type, product recommendations and more. The Digital Impulse team managed these email campaigns end-to-end, from compelling copywriting to on-brand imagery.

With custom ecommerce implementation, customer-centric design, and data-driven campaigns, we built a conversion-optimized, highly automated marketing machine — and gave Blink the kind of peace of mind it delivers to customers.

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