Creating an ecommerce machine.

The client.

Every pair of OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recover in ways typical footwear can’t: absorbing more shock, enabling more natural motion, and reducing stress. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or an average Joe, there’s a good chance you suffer from some kind of foot pain. There’s an OOFOS for that.

The challenge.

Footwear is a tough market. Competitors run amok, and everyone emphasizes “comfort.”. So how does a new brand like OOFOS sprint to the front of the pack? And how does it carve out a name for itself in the relatively unknown “recovery” footwear space?

Create the right marketing mix.

Digital Impulse created a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to drive sales, activate the OOFOS’ customer base and create multi-touch opportunities to support continued marketing communications. Our strategy drew upon the full digital marketing toolbox: social media, email, paid search and display to increase online sales by more than 300%. Oh, and while we were at it, we also redesigned the OOFOS homepage and made major renovations to the site to increase engagement and make the purchase process easier.


Activate, engage, and continue the conversation.

OOFOS has a rabid and loyal fan base. Digital Impulse translated that excitement into sales with highly shareable promotions, offers and sweepstakes. We segmented customers to target follow-up email and remarketing campaigns to drive additional sales and increase lifetime customer value.

People whose feet hurt are online looking for solutions, especially when they are ready to purchase new footwear. Digital Impulse designed, implemented, and optimized a highly targeted PPC campaign to reach these users with search advertising. By identifying keywords and phrases indicating a readiness to buy, Digital Impulse put OOFOS front and center with highly engaging ad copy and creative, driving sales with strong calls-to-action and product-specific offers.

Design that communicates the brand and drives sales.

Digital Impulse redesigned the OOFOS homepage to better represent the brand and integrate social media. We also added prominent conversion points that direct users to select their preferred size and style, streamlining the checkout process and increasing conversion rates.

OOFOS came to us with an awesome brand and a killer product, but an out-of-step digital presence. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the company’s target customer, the Digital Impulse team developed a start-to-finish digital marketing strategy designed to attract, engage, and convert. Leveraging email, social media, PPC and design, we increased year-over-year sales by 300%.

"That "Aha!" moment when strategy and creative match the brand is only made better by seeing them exceed our goals."

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