A thoughtful site linking real people with compassionate care.

A welcoming new digital space for Eleanor Health.

The client.

Eleanor Health is committed to transforming the landscape of addiction and mental health care for the better. As an outpatient substance misuse treatment provider, their mission is to connect people with higher quality, more accessible, and more immediate substance misuse treatment.

The team at Eleanor Health has dedicated themselves to providing flexible, value-based, and judgement-free care to all who need it—both virtually through their website, and in the six states where they have physical locations (with planned expansion on the horizon).

The challenge.

At the core of what makes Eleanor Health so remarkable is their drive to be innovative, modern, and always forward-thinking. Their new website had to reflect those values seamlessly, without ever forgetting their emphasis on compassionate care.

We set our sights on improving the user experience—particularly on mobile—and creating smoother user journeys through natural conversion points to better optimize lead generation. This, with a refreshed brand and SEO optimizations, delivers a cleaner and more enjoyable UX while supporting their brand messaging.

Refreshed branding to feel like a warm hug.

Spend just a few minutes talking to the Eleanor Health team or visiting their locations and you’ll feel just how approachable, human-centered, and engaging their people can be. We knew their digital space needed to match that same feeling for their users.

By refreshing the brand with brightened colors, playful shapes, and a clean, modern typography, our designers helped create the same warm, comforting, and judgement-free space so important to users from the first moment they arrive at the website.

Providing mobile support anywhere it's needed.

Eleanor Health’s “whole person” approach to treatment means reaching people where and when they need support. Mobile web experiences play a huge role in keeping users connected with Eleanor Health on-the-go, so we designed a streamlined mobile experience to make sure the best resources are right there at users’ fingertips, right when they’re needed most.


Because of Eleanor Health's mission, it was important to nail the UX of this project and make it easy for people to seek the help they need.

Amazing human stories told with care.

When Eleanor Health holds up their tagline “Recovery. For Life,” they mean it. Eleanor Health understands the power and impact of real-world stories from real people who have been affected by addiction, and how those stories are a crucial source of inspiration for anyone on the path toward judgement-free substance misuse treatment.

The new website puts these stories from community members at the forefront, supported by impactful quotes and video testimonials that welcome users to explore and engage. These stories humanize their services, all while helping users start to see their own story as they navigate through substance misuse treatment.

Helpful resources, expertly delivered.

For years, Eleanor Health has provided helpful information in their digital library… but until now, there had been hardly any meaningful organization or categorization of all that great info. For the new website, we created a central “Resources & Information” hub to better organize and deliver important resources right to users.

Aside from providing better categorization for their collection of blog content, we also helped implement an easy-to-navigate organization for their wider collection of written and digital content, including FAQs, support group articles, and more. Plus, we made it easy to highlight helpful resources in key areas sitewide, so users can more naturally find the support they need quickly.

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