An impactful digital presence for the nation’s top cosmetic surgery specialist.

We helped Sono Bello transform their brand, so they can better help patients transform their bodies.

The client.

Connecting more than 185 board-certified surgeons with real people across 80+ locations, Sono Bello is America’s #1 cosmetic surgery specialist. Their mission: to help patients across the country achieve their dream bodies, which they’ve done through more than 300,000 body contouring procedures. The Sono Bello team came to us with a crystal-clear goal: to help maximize their lead generation at the lowest possible cost, and to expand and optimize their existing patient engagement process.

The challenge.

From the start of our partnership, Sono Bello challenged us to use best-in-class direct response tactics to drive users from awareness to conversion. But marketing a sensitive service requires a careful balance—one that calls for high levels of education from an authoritative voice in healthcare. From a full website redesign to content marketing, SEO and custom technology, our team worked side by side with Sono Bello to craft a high-performing digital marketing machine that converts as well as it looks.

Giving an established brand a mobile-friendly facelift.

While responsive web design is the best choice for most clients, the challenge facing Sono Bello was unique. In a highly competitive industry where small lifts in conversion rate can have a massive impact on the bottom line, anything we can do to fine-tune the experience to each individual is essential. Our design and development teams built separate desktop and mobile experiences that cater to each audience, with each version serving up a unique experience, interface, and design to optimize the conversion path regardless of device.

Transforming the path to patient engagement.

The first step in any patient’s Sono Bello body transformation is a one-on-one, personalized patient care consultation—making that a crucial conversion for their patient pipeline. To help maximize the inflow of potential patients, we took a fully integrated approach with optimized lead generation forms, intelligent tracking and user tagging in the CMS, and full integration of lead gen avenues like chat bots and a call center. The result: a simplified path to lead generation that meets patients right where they’re looking.


"Our team is a true extension of Sono Bello in almost every function. Our success is measured in their ongoing growth."

Andrew Kolidas

Chief Executive Officer

Building customer journeys that reach patients before — and after.

To effectively nurture leads from first contact, we developed a series of sophisticated email drip campaigns that educate users through storytelling, highlight positive outcomes, and ultimately incentivize users to convert. But the journey doesn’t end there: we’ve also created post-surgery email sequences that guide patients through the recovery process, ensuring the best possible outcomes and developing future brand ambassadors.

Nationwide SEO with a local feel.

Sono Bello is a nationwide provider, but their competitors are primarily local surgeons, who enjoy the advantages of a defined geolocation in reaching potential patients online. To move Sono Bello to the top of search rankings, Digital Impulse developed a strategy that leverages the strength of the national brand, while also emphasizing location-specific relevance with the areas the company serves. So, we built fully geo-optimized web pages for each of the 80+ Sono Bello locations, complete with center details, reviews, directions, and more.


Constantly refining for superior performance.

Taking Sono Bello’s commitment to self-improvement to heart, we’ve created an ongoing conversion rate optimization program to constantly tweak, test, and adjust the Sono Bello website as we strive for the best possible performance. We also integrated A/B testing software, a custom Google Tag Manager setup, and heat-mapping capabilities for continuous analysis and ongoing optimization.

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