A vintage sound deserves a fresh site.

Discover the sound of Supro.

The client.

In rock and roll, some names make a big splash–but only a few leave as legendary an impact as Supro.

Supro amplifiers and effects pedals have brought a distinctive vintage sound, look, and feel to rock for decades, and have become some of the most sought-after and respected among big name artists. Listen to recordings by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, or the Rolling Stones and you’ll hear the sounds of Supro equipment.

The challenge.

Supro is known for its old-school, vintage charm, right down to the look and feel of the equipment itself.

When the time came to create a new website for Supro, we knew the site needed to match that same vintage feeling while still offering a modern, accessible user experience. Plus, the content needed to play a key role in telling the Supro story to a new generation of rockers, and provide an engaging UI for shoppers of all genres.

Elevating eCommerce with brand story.

The story behind the Supro brand is nearly as legendary as the equipment they create, and telling that story is crucial to communicating Supro’s craftsmanship, quality, and standard of excellence.

We designed the new fully-responsive Supro site to tell that story through the lens of the artists that use their equipment. By mixing product shots, lifestyle photos, videos, and artist highlights together with the brand story, we make it easy for users to connect these big-name artists with their own inner rockstar. And because Supro has such an enthusiastic community of both amateur and professional players, we pulled in Instagram posts to bring users into that inviting, all-together vibe.

Vibrant colors. Grungy textures. Supro sound.

Rock and roll comes in many colors: grungy, psychedelic, surf, prog, alternative–all tied together for decades by the classic sounds and styles of Supro.

Calling back to the brand’s vintage mid-century origins, we infused the new site with vibrant comic-book-like colors and patterns, which contrast nicely with the dark, vintage tones of Supro’s products. The result strikes just the right balance between playful style and time-tested substance, in true rock form.


"I had a lot of fun absorbing myself in an iconic, old-school brand and giving it a new life in the form of a website."

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Find Supro on any world tour.

The great sounds of Supro are meant to be experienced. That’s why Supro had a clear goal of making it as easy as possible to find and buy Supro equipment no matter where you’re browsing from.

We built an easy-to-use locator tool to help users find their nearest Supro sales location from anywhere, including online dealers with space to feature specific websites or promotions. Plus, it’s all mobile friendly, meaning you can find those sweet vintage sounds even when you’re on tour.

Two brands. One framework. Short timeline.

A good amp or effects pedal isn’t limited to just one sound–it’s all about flexibility, and finding new ways to turn the same tones into new and interesting music. The same goes for the new website: built for one application, but quickly pivoted to cover multiple uses.

While this project started as one website for the Bond Audio family of brands, it quickly morphed into distinct websites for two different projects: Supro, and their brother brand Pigtronix. Using modular design and development elements, our team succeeded in turning one site into two, infusing each brand with their unique stories and product lines without sacrificing on style.


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