An otherworldly brand, supported by a cosmically cool website.

Boosting Pigtronix to the stratosphere with a fresh digital presence.

The client.

For guitarists looking to elevate their best licks into truly out-of-this-world sounds, Pigtronix makes effects pedals to enhance any shredding style.

An eccentric, playful, and creative brand focused on providing the best sounds and effects this side of the Milky Way, Pigtronix has developed a solid reputation for providing high-quality pedals with a wide range of sounds and specifications. They needed a new website to put the brand front-and-center, all while providing an easy eCommerce shopping experience.

The challenge.

Musicians know to go with their gut–and when a good piece of equipment is on the line, they need a clear and engaging buying process to easily add it to their collection.

That’s why Pigtronix needed a fun, playful, and easy-to-navigate site designed for simple eCommerce transactions both at-home and on the road. Fully responsive and highly interactive, the new Pigtronix website needed to both tell the brand story and provide a seamless UI to move both mobile and desktop users from “just browsing” to “ready to rock.”

Launching an eCommerce rocketship (with personality).

There’s a lot we like about Pigtronix, but their playful brand (complete with cheeky mascot) adds the perfect level of playfulness to their products.

We worked with an illustrator to enhance that experience throughout the site, creating unique scenes and imagery to support the fully-responsive experience. Combined with easy access to product info and quick jumping-off points to artist pages, the result is a site that’s as engaging in its story as it is impressive with its offerings.

Making otherworldly products easy to find.

Getting users excited about Pigtronix is important, but actually getting pedals into customers’ hands was also a huge piece of the puzzle.

That’s why we created a locator tool designed to connect users with sales locations nearby–and, for times when buyers aren’t out and about at stores, we also made sure the site can feature online dealers, even providing a space to feature specific promotions or sites right in one handy tool. Plus, it’s all mobile friendly, meaning you can make your order from just about anywhere.


Despite the tight timelines, this was a fun one! Working with such a playful brand allowed me to design outside of my comfort zone and push the envelope.

Joe Gallo

Senior Web Designer

Putting one framework to two great uses.

A great musician can seamlessly adjust their playing style to match the mood. Following that same mindset, we built the new Pigtronix site flexible enough to play multiple roles in the greater brand system.

What started as one project for the Bond Audio family of brands quickly morphed into websites for two completely different projects: Pigtronix, and their brother brand Supro. By implementing high levels of modular design throughout the development process, we managed to squeeze two sites into the same project, while still allowing enough flexibility to represent each brand and their unique product lines without missing a beat.

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