Tackling material challenges head on.

A dynamic website for one of the world's leading film and foam manufacturers.

The client.

Toray Plastics, a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., is a manufacturer of industrial films and foams that are found in thousands of every day products, such as window glass and food packaging. Their philosophy is rooted in sustainable material innovation, which has lead to incredible technologies that unassumingly affect the lives of consumers around the world.

The challenge.

Like many of their industrial competitors, Toray suffered from an outdated website that was misrepresentative of their product quality and lively culture. The team at DI was brought on to spotlight the company’s innovative spirit, as well as improve navigation to product information and conversion points.

Communicating the brand.

Toray has a rich brand that was never properly translated digitally. The Toray Plastics team felt their site failed to live up to the guiding principles of the company, spotlighting sustainability and innovation. They are innovators and leaders in their industry, with a focus on never falling behind the competition. We wanted potential customers to truly feel that when they worked with Toray they were getting the best products with the best minds and bodies behind them.

Users now arrive on the site and feel that there’s more to Toray than a list of products. By creating clearer userflows to resources such as case studies and data sheets, we better positioned Toray as a team of established marketing and sales experts, not just engineers and producers. We utilized lifestyle and product photography in order to create emotional connections between users and the brand.

Letting the product shine.

“Industrial materials” may not be the hot topic at your next cocktail party, but we worked with Toray to engage users on the site about the power and scope of their products. Product pages were built to be informational, relational, and searchable. Toray’s products are the heart of their business, so all roads needed to lead to them – for example, our design allows for users to search by product name, but also by application. These application userflows allow for better context around the solution before a user converts.


The passion that the Toray team brought was what inspired the design. We were all excited throughout the entirety of the project.

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