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Treace Medical Concepts is a leader in medical device and procedure development known for pushing the industry beyond the conventional with evidence-based advances. Known for their patented Lapiplasty® Procedure, a groundbreaking approach to bunion correction, Treace sets the standard for innovation that many in healthcare recognize as heads (and feet) above the rest.

As part of their plan to grow visibility for the Lapiplasty procedure, they needed a digital partner who could implement a full-funnel strategy to build awareness, activate audiences, and generate booked appointments with Lapiplasty doctors.

When Treace partnered with Digital Impulse to boost the reach of Lapiplasty across the country, we knew we needed to implement a strategy that could bring the best of bunion correction to patients nationwide.

Through a combination of a refreshed website, intelligent campaign structures and messaging strategies, a revamped “Find A Doctor” tool, and ongoing optimization across multiple channels, we’ve helped Treace build significant traction around the Lapiplasty brand. The result: ever-increasing saturation in the market, and an easier-than-ever path to procedures for patients nationwide.

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