Livin' the DI Life: Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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Welcome, Heartbeat readers, to the inaugural Digital Impulse Employee Appreciation Day! According to the internet’s many “official” calendars of unofficial holidays, this is a real, national day of celebration. It’s not federally sanctioned, mind you, but we won’t tell anyone if you won’t. Plus, it’s been around for the past 27 years, which is longer than a sizable portion of our staff have been doing anything. And unlike March 5th (National Cheese Doodles Day) this is an event we truly feel we can get behind.   

In all seriousness, our employees are thoroughly awesome and well worth celebrating. On March 4th and every other day of the year. This particular day is admittedly fitting, though, given the fun wordplay of “march forth” and the fact that our personnel is the force that keeps the whole operation pressing onward.  

Whatever the holiday’s origin, we at DI are happy for any excuse to laud employee excellence, and there’s certainly been a whole lot to laud lately. 2021 was a landmark year for the agency, and our team members were naturally at the heart of it all.  

New Year, New Agency  

If you scroll through the Our People section of our website, you’ll be amazed to know that seventeen of those thirty smiling faces belong to new hires that Digital Impulse has brought on board just this year.  

For scale, this means that our agency has more than doubled in size since 2021. A monumental 57% of our current team is comprised of 2021-2022 recruits alone. Well, actually, 55% if you factor in Matt’s dog Jax as an original team member, which of course, we do.   

Putting the precise numbers aside – a difficult thing to do for marketers – this infusion of fresh talent has been transformative for us. It’s allowed us to take on more clients, bolster our offering to existing clients, and even allocate resources to creating our own content (i.e., this blog).   

We’ve hired new developers, designers, account managers, senior account managers, junior associates, copywriters, data analysts, campaign strategists, and department heads. We’ve even hired people for a miscellany of positions that didn’t exist before they came on board, including strictly internal roles, something that we see as a sure sign of growth and innovation.   

At first, our new hires were simply meant to buttress our ongoing work and support our team in delivering the DI product that our clients have grown accustomed to. However, it didn’t take long for this latest class of recruits to assert themselves and start bringing original ideas and intriguing possibilities to the table.  

Celebrating the Original Team 

Alright, now that we’ve heaped a liberal helping of praise upon the new folks, it’s time to give our pre-2020 squad some love. They may be outnumbered, but they’re not outmatched yet. It’s safe to say that without the rock-solid foundation constructed by our tenured employees, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate this Employee Appreciation Day. To build upon success you first need success. And this core group of leaders has continued to do outstanding work for our clients while acting as coaches and mentors to their newly arrived coworkers.  

Our seasoned DI veterans have labored tirelessly and deliberately to ensure that our brand identity and company culture remain strong and undiluted. Even as the agency changes and evolves, this group of experienced employees has been faithful stewards of everything that makes DI unique. 

Milestones and Achievements 

This hasn’t just been a formative year for our business; it’s been a big year for our people personally and professionally. Since describing all these highlights in detail would quickly turn this blog into an eBook, we’re going to save everyone time and list them all in a more abbreviated form. 

Digital Impulse Employee Highlights 2021-2022 

  • Houses bought: 4 
  • Children born or on the way: 3
  • Pets adopted: 2 
  • Internal promotions: 2 
  • 10-year work anniversaries: 1 (Paul Vakalis) 
  • Employees moved from California to Boston: 1 (Finley Chen) 
  • Upcoming weddings: 3 
  • Bones broken while skiing: 2 
  • States visited: 50 (mostly by Rachel) 

Cheers to our new, old, and incoming employees! 

This is an exciting time to work at our agency. We’ve completely jettisoned what little remained of our comfort zone and are flying full speed into uncharted territory.  

Our new hires’ creative zeal and innovative energy, coached and guided by their more experienced coworkers, have made this one of our best years yet.   

And we’re not done! By the time this blog post turns one week old, we’ll probably have added the eighteenth face to that composite of new team members.  

From everyone at our office to yours, Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 

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