Happy Valentine’s Day from the Agency with Heart!

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Dear friends, clients, partners, teammates, and all the people in between who support us in doing what we love,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Of all holidays, this is an especially significant one at Digital Impulse because it reminds us of the importance of putting our heart into our work. Likewise, it reaffirms how lucky we are to be doing something that fills our hearts with so much excitement and joy.

Seeing our ideas come to life and have a direct impact on a business’s success is a deeply satisfying feeling, and it’s something that we only get to experience because of the relationships we’ve built over the years with our outstanding clients.

Having passion is useful in any field, but when it comes to creative professions like marketing and design, it’s indispensable. After all, art is meant to move people. Its purpose is to make people care. This is why whenever we design, write, or build anything, we do it with care.

To us, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all the things that light up a person’s eyes, imbue them with purpose, and inspire strong feelings of loyalty, gratitude, and admiration. It’s a time to appreciate everything that makes us feel happy and rewarded, the parts of our lives that we feel a compulsive desire to care for and improve upon.

More than any other holiday, today also offers us an opportunity to reflect upon what being an “agency with heart” means.

As marketers, copywriters, designers, and campaign strategists, we live in a world full of taglines and mission statements. So, taking a moment to contemplate and confirm whether or not we’re living up to our own vision is a beneficial team exercise.

Most of the work our agency does is naturally for other companies. This being the case, we believe that being an agency “with heart” means appreciating that brands have trusted us with their image and reputation.

They’ve built something they’re proud of, and in enlisting our help, they’re placing a piece of their creation in our hands. They expect us to do work we’re proud of on their behalf. To put the same level of effort into their content, website, ads, and campaigns that we would put into our own.

It’s a big responsibility, and accepting it with “heart” means valuing their trust, respecting what they’ve made so far, and acting as careful stewards as we continue to build their businesses moving forward. Playing to our strengths but staying true to their vision.

Above all, being an agency with heart means being compassionate and supportive to everyone we work with, internally and externally. Everyone on the DI team wants the best for everyone in their professional orbit and is willing to go the extra mile to give them what they need to thrive.

This support could take the form of extending a weekly reporting call an extra 30 minutes to ensure everyone is on the same page. It could be responding quickly and attentively to a coworker’s request for help or a client’s request for clarification. It could even be something as simple as writing down a great idea you had for an ad campaign or a website, even though it’s Saturday and you’re grocery shopping.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a moment to remind ourselves and our clients why our logo is shaped the way it is. It’s because, to us, this is more than just a nine-to-five job. Creating things that resonate with people gets us out of bed in the morning. And maintaining strong relationships with people like you all is what allows us to continue doing the work that we love.

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