Top Converting Ad Types to Watch in 2022

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These days, choosing the right ad format for your brand is a real challenge. Attention spans are shorter than ever, and competition is fierce. So what can a business do to stand out?

Never fear: we’re here to help. Here’s a look at some of the highest performing ad types across the world right now, so you can get your brand out in front of the masses (and start converting better than ever) today.

(April fools! For real, don’t do these. But if you do, at least let us help. Get in touch and we’ll show you how you can really make an impact with advertising for your business.)

10. B2B (Business-to-Beeper)

What’s the one piece of tech almost everyone has somewhere in their home? That’s right—a beeper. But instead of letting all those beepers gather dust, why not put them to good use as an advertising tool?

Pretty soon, that beeping and buzzing will be sure to have any consumer tearing their home apart looking for the source. When they do, they’ll see your ad clear as day. What better way to stand out from the crowd?

9. Doorknob Flyers

If you’re as big a fan of doors as we are, you know the handle is where the action is at. So why not put an ad right where literally every door user will be sure to see it?

Plus, since these helpful hangers are usually just a little too long, there’s a good chance they’ll get stuck in the door when the customer tries to shut it. How’s that for getting in front of audiences?

8. Blimp

Every single day, planes and jets fly over major cities, and nobody bats an eye. But you know what will almost definitely get people to point up at the sky and say out loud, “Hey look, a blimp!”

A blimp!

Try plastering your brand over a huge cylinder full of gas in the sky and you’ll definitely grab those eyeballs. Plus, you might even get a fun ride out of it along the way.

7. Eggs

If you’re like the average American, you probably eat 6-8 eggs each morning. So why not make the most of that valuable shell real estate?

Get your brand in every consumer’s house not just once, but a dozen times with fun, festive ads placed on each individual egg. It’ll be a welcome treat as delicious as it is effective.

6. Bus Stop Bench Ads

Even if you don’t ride the bus, you probably like to sit. So why not include your best ad ideas somewhere users are sure to take a load off to relax on a busy day?

Plus, bench ads offer the added bonus of physical contact with each potential customer—meaning an even stronger connection made with each person who engages. Win-win!

5. Car Windshield Flyers

Is there anything a mall shopper loves more than having ads hand-delivered right to their car? These fun flyers offer all the magic of a drive-thru, plus the fun little task of watching it flutter in the wind when they don’t notice it sitting there as they take off.

Why not make your ad the best gift your customers receive all day???

4. Yellow Page Ads

Look, there’s no getting around it: yellow pages are here to stay. When someone needs to find the number of a local plumber or their favorite bakery, where else are they supposed to turn?

Get your brand in front of those focused searchers with a fun ad in everybody’s favorite color: yellow.

3. Taxi Advertising

Picture this: you’re a busy young professional moving about the city, looking for just the right cup of Starbucks or the yet-to-be-published Harry Potter manuscript for your boss, the head of a major fashion magazine in the 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada. What are you seeing all around you?

Taxis. And all the impactful ads on top of them. If you’re not making the most of this valuable space, what are you even doing as an advertiser?

2. Skywriting

This is a no-brainer: everybody looks at the sky all the time, and when it’s not full of blimps, they’re looking for skywriters. Why not get your ad up there where the sun does shine?

It’s as simple as hiring a pilot with a skywriting-capable plane, getting over to a beach or public park, and carefully and painstakingly spelling out each letter for all to see. Then, you’ll have at least a solid 10 minutes before your carefully-worded message drifts away into the breeze. Effective!

1. Billboards

In words almost every advertiser knows by heart:

“If you can’t beat em, board em.”

Think about it. You’re in your car, inching your way down a congested highway at the speed of smell towards a job you can’t afford to quit. What brightens your day? Billboards. Big, beautiful American billboards that rise up over the smog obscured horizon as if to say, “Hey friend, money can buy happiness.”

Suddenly, your seething rage abides. The ocean of bumpers in front of you seems to evaporate. That pesky city skyline that you didn’t even want to see anyway is blocked out by something far more monumental: an advertisement.

In the fleeting paradise of that moment, it’s just you and the billboard. The massive, gorgeous billboard. Its vivid imagery and witty tagline invite you out of your own head and into the cozy fleece-lined womb of consumerism. Waves of ecstasy and patriotism wash over you.

For years, marketers have been anticipating a day when highway-side billboards would be a thing of the past. Our message: think again, dummies.  Put your bills on the board.

For real, though. Where are you supposed to advertise? Computers? TVs? Phones? What’s bigger than all of those things put together? Billboards. They’re freaking huge. And people love them. It’s really not that difficult, guys. Get with the showgram.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

What’s clear is that billboards work… but how can we maximize our ROI?

We all know that when you put the face of your business’s CEO on your billboard, your ROI goes up.

But here’s what we haven’t tested: just how big can a face on a billboard get? We ran a quick experiment, and the outcome was shocking:

The result: by stretching the horizontal alignment to fill the whole board with our CEO’s face, we’re able to approach infinite ROI.

Our other big takeaway from this groundbreaking experiment is that the relationship between billboard face coverage and profit is asymptotic.

More face = more money—simple as that. It’s just freefall upwards from there.

However, a word of caution: it’s estimated by experts that one fully covered billboard could generate enough inflation to bring down the global economy. Some are calling this “the new quantitative easing,” so best to not fly too close to the sun when maximizing toward your face-to-profit ratio.

(April fools!)

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