Good design, dialed in.

Getting the word out.

The client.

CallMultiplier allows clients to send calls and text messages to managed lists of customers quickly and easily. The company works with some of the largest for and non-profit companies in the country to send out notifications, alerts, polls and updates to their customers.

The challenge.

There’s a certain stigma associated with mass texting and calling, but CallMultiplier prides itself on helping clients do things differently. That friendly, above-and-beyond culture has always been a part of CallMultiplier’s DNA, but the old branding and website didn’t quite tell the story. CallMultiplier came to Digital Impulse for a fresh take on the brand, a reimagined website, and improved user experience.

Streamlining the experience.

Digging into the company’s target personas, Digital Impulse approached the project from a user-centric perspective. We put a new face on the brand (quite literally), refreshed the logo wordmark, and implemented a web design that puts CallMultiplier’s fun, approachable personality front and center.

Replacing the impersonal look and feel of the old design, Digital Impulse crafted a website for CallMultiplier that is as light-hearted and approachable as the brand itself. Plenty of white space was added to lend a clean, modern aesthetic, while step-by-step product walkthroughs offer a playful introduction to the company’s sophisticated technology. We also created a fresh logo wordmark that references the company’s high-tech capabilities while communicating a sense of playfulness.


Putting a face to the brand.

In addition to refreshing the CallMultiplier wordmark and updating the site design, we reimagined the entire user experience by introducing “Callie” — a character used throughout the site as a friendly guide to potential customers. In designing Callie, the Digital Impulse team took a cue from CallMultiplier’s fun corporate culture, crafting a character that’s approachable, friendly, and helpful.

Mass calling and texting is regarded by some as impersonal, but CallMultiplier is anything but. Digital Impulse was challenged to incorporate the brand’s distinctive personality into a fresh new wordmark and website. With a clean, modern look, step-by-step product walkthroughs, and a character-driven user experience, we dialed it in and delivered.

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