Supporting a diverse arts collective with a strong digital platform.

Elevating artistic voices with a refreshed digital home and gallery.

The client.

Indigo Arts Alliance is a dynamic and inclusive creative organization that champions diversity and collaboration within the arts. This platform serves as a virtual home for artists from various backgrounds, offering resources, fostering interdisciplinary connections, and showcasing their work.

Indigo Arts Alliance’s mission centers on advancing cultural equity, catalyzing social change, and elevating artistic excellence. Through their website, they create a space where artists, especially those from marginalized communities, can access support and share their unique perspectives with a broader audience, promoting a harmonious blend of artistry and social impact.


The challenge.

With such an important mission, IAA remains squarely focused on their community of artists and supporters – a community that has long thrived with face-to-face communication. but as their website has become more of a critical tool for their outreach, IAA needed to deploy updates quickly and with minimal headache. That’s where we come in.

At DI, we’re passionate about supporting organizations with heart. That’s we we’re happy to volunteer hours every month to supporting IAA with website development support, provided at no cost. It’s just one way we can help such a valuable organization in their mission, and we’re lucky to be able to play a role in supporting New England’s diverse artist community.

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